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2015-07-03, 10:08 PM,
I guess this is where I might be calling my second home on the internet! Been out of internet world for near on two years. Long story but in brief got shafted myself and wife and left homeless and penniless in foreign lands...

Just been accepted into a few CPA networks and now really need to get my head down and start earning.

I guess the hardest issue I have is controlling my ADHD which results in days gone by with thousands of tabs open and seeming like nothing is done. Anybody with ADHD here who can give advice... Much love to you :)

As a Chemical Brothers song went:-

Where do I start, where do I begin...

Later JP
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2015-07-04, 01:41 AM,
Start by learning the basics of html and css so you can make HQ landing pages, you creative? Yes, good you'll come up with good niches. If you're lazy thou then blogspot is for you.
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JPRocks(2015-07-04 02:16 PM) 
2015-07-04, 03:00 AM, (This post was last modified: 2015-07-04, 03:02 AM by dox.)
Okay, First of all Welcome to CPAElites.

Next - I got ADHD to, but if you handle this correctly, it actually doesnt matter.

The ADHD can have some advantages but this needs training, use the ADHD to "think" out of the box, what do i mean by that?.
- Well in some cases i tend to "lose" my concentration, when i notice it, i write down what i used my time doing.

This gives me a list of "Negative" time killers, which i one by one destroy for myself, if its a game well i do so i get banned.
If its a porn site, well i go block it from my router.

If you get the point, kill the negative stay at the positive.

Well maybe you think, what is positive then?

LEARNING is Positive, if your here only for the money, i'm sorry to say it but the chance for succeding is close to 1%

Don't take the money for being positive because in most cases money is the reason you think negative.
All you got to do, is everyday when you wake up, make a plan with steps and times, and follow them.

This may sound easy for some, but in my case it took me 2 months before i could follow a "day plan", but my life is structured now.
and i dont have to worry about those time killers, as a plan is whats holding my day together without ADHD.

As Tiszy say tho, you dont need to know html or css at all, i personally is a scrub at programming etc, but i have no problem turning around 300-1000$ a day from various moneytising methods.

Btw, you posted this in the wrong section, i reported it to an admin so we can get this into the right section.

I dont think they mind, as its a first time mistake.

Btw good luck in the future, and have fun turning in them money.
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JPRocks(2015-07-04 02:16 PM) 
2015-07-04, 02:21 PM,
Sounds like a good plan. I love learning though so this is good. Know some HTML and very basics of CSS and SEO. Time to start writing down what I do and look at that.
2015-07-13, 06:33 AM,
welcome and goodluck to your cpa journey. i hope i can be of any help for you in earning thousands. godbless!

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