Boots strapped
2013-07-26, 10:12 AM,
Boots strapped,laces wrapped around the boot faces!
in other words always ready to grind for that cheddar.

Grab a cup of joe and a fatty...lets ride.

Hey Cpa Elites Swiffjustus here and I just wanted to
say wassup.
Just joined the forum here and I notice a few familiar
Hardhitters so I guess I made a wise choiceCool
Been deep in the game for a minute now and
always trying to dig deeper.
Serious networking is my Forte.(Elite List Building)lol
Positioning myself around people and places
that will assist in my growth in this Industry
and methodically forging contacts and relationships
with those aforementioned colleagues
Sharing, Experimenting and Exploring possibilities
to add to my Internet marketing arsenal.
Honing this craft of ours is all it is.
Developing,promoting and selling my own
products and Brand,experimental SEO,
building a legion of properly earning referrals,
cross marketing to flip big ticket affiliate products,Amazoning
and B2B product line & Services Marketing/Promotion
are just some of the things I dabble in.
Just getting back into the CPA & PPD a bit
after the Glory days of CpaLead and those
mad Viral page explosions went sour.
So I'm no newbie to this aspect of the Biz

OK I'll shut up now

Glad to be on board
hope to give a bit and
gather some more tools
for the arsenal from some
of you BOSSES!Money
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2013-07-26, 10:18 AM,
Nice introduction, I like your style. Welcome man. :)
2013-07-26, 10:28 AM,
Thanks Brother, the kind words are really appreciated.
Planting,Growing and Gathering..what it's all about baby!
2013-07-26, 11:16 AM,
Your the guy in MMD!
Welcome bro!
Some of your methods there helped me to understand IM in my first steps.
Good thing your here!

Gonna see some adult stuff from you eh? JK..
More success bro!
2013-07-26, 12:28 PM,
Hey what's happening my Friend?
Indeed Tis me, stretchin out a bit.
Yes I have some juicy tidbits to share
just getting a feel for things around the forum.
2013-07-26, 05:11 PM,
LMAO, Nice introduction, good luck with your earnings...
2013-07-26, 05:44 PM,
Welcome to the board :)

I am sure you will find your stay here very interesting. Please don´t hesitate to PM me with any questions you might have :)
2013-07-26, 06:23 PM,
I'm doing good now. Not a noob anymore :D
I know you still making loads of $$$
Hope to see those tidbits around.
2013-07-26, 08:50 PM, (This post was last modified: 2013-07-26, 08:58 PM by SwiffJustus.)
(2013-07-26, 05:11 PM)IndeXer Wrote: LMAO, Nice introduction, good luck with your earnings...

lol, yeah just entertaining myself mostly is all that is.
Thanks for all the warm welcomings <(is that even a word?Nerd)

(2013-07-26, 06:23 PM)nerdwarez Wrote: I'm doing good now. Not a noob anymore :D
I know you still making loads of $$$
Hope to see those tidbits around.

So glad to hear that Buddy, just gotta
to stay hungry like a feral beast protecting
his territory,attacking his prey and mauling
his adversaries!
Remember this always,There are always young wolves waiting in
the wings to pounce....all about positioning and production.
Myself... I am famished..
so let us dine like Kings.Money
and again I am a bit nuts Guys so pay me not one bit
of mind.
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staffer(2013-07-26 10:45 PM) 
2013-07-26, 10:02 PM,
(2013-07-26, 09:05 PM)ReadByte Wrote: Welcome to CPA Elites. Glad we have some experienced members joining :)

Thanks Bossman I am thrilled to have stumbled upon this Treasure.

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