Blooger Vs Weebley?
2013-12-07, 10:36 AM,
How come all you hear people talk about for free LP Hosting is blogger?Blogger is nice but to get a nice looking site you need custom coding skill. Weebly can get you a Super clean looking LP in like 5min of work is there an advantage to using blogger over weebley.

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2013-12-07, 10:45 AM,
I think we cant put script or etc at Weebly right? We can add script through html layout at blogger.
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bengetcom(2013-12-07 11:05 PM) 
2013-12-07, 11:51 AM,
Because blogger is easy to use for me. All my landing page's use only one landing page i only change the background and the text
2013-12-07, 12:07 PM,
I use both for landing pages. Weebly is really easy to use and you can build nice landing pages. I think blogger ranks easier than weebly though. So it all depends on what you want to use it for - if its just a landing page for youtube use weebly. If you are trying to rank a site, then you should use blogger.
2013-12-07, 05:57 PM,
Most probably because it's easy to rank because it's Google owned. It's also easy to use. I just use a simple template and remove unnecessary stuff then add stuff related to my niche. A landing page is born. :)
2013-12-07, 07:40 PM,
We can easily hide Blogger watermark but in Weebly we can't which makes the LP unprofessional.
2013-12-07, 10:01 PM,
Blogger. You can add scripts and remove their name from it. Also compare their webranks:
[Image: Cl438X0.png][Image: Y6hLxj4.png]
Websites with higher webranks get more attention when Google is indexing. So you have a better chance of a Blogspot LP getting around first page and less of a chance when you are trying to get a weebly LP indexed
2013-12-08, 07:15 PM,
you can use html with weebly
2013-12-23, 09:00 AM,
Blogger will be faster and easier to rank because G own it but i noticied recently that weebly can also be easy to rank for low/medium competitions kw's in other languages than EN.

There is also some sites that offer nice looking free blogger templates like:

Btw it's not that hard to create nice custom Blogger. You just need to learn basics of CSS and HTML.

For this, I can suggest you to download:

Quote:1. XHTML and CSS
8. HTML5 & CSS3


-Webdesign Tutorial >>> Crédits To: Atlantis

watch all of the videos, you will learn the basics in 2-4 days and you will be able to play better with blogger.

You can also use the followings tips to create fast and HQ landing pages using Blogger:

-Make Your Own HQ Landing Pages + Highest CR =) >>> Crédits To: NEFantasy

-How To Remove Crap From Blogger Websites (Make Them Look Nice) Crédits To: Ykzs

(2013-12-07, 07:40 PM)JXGreat Wrote: We can easily hide Blogger watermark but in Weebly we can't which makes the LP unprofessional.

To remove Weebly credits you just need to highlight: "Create a free website with weebly" then right click on it>inspect element and find the id/class of the container then remove it by adding the following line in the continer css property:

display: none;

Most of the time the container with the weebly credit link is named "Footer" but in case it's not "Footer", here is a quick video that i just created to show how to found element id and remove it.

(2013-12-07, 10:45 AM)»Wave« Wrote: I think we cant put script or etc at Weebly right? We can add script through html layout at blogger.

You can do exactly the same as blogger, maybe more because you can upload your own HTML5/CSS3/JS files etc.

To add script to weebly you can inspire yourself with this video :)

Here is a quick design made in 10 min using weebly by uploading my full html template. Also free user cannot use custom favicon...


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protozoa(2013-12-26 06:40 PM) Aidan(2013-12-23 10:38 PM) 
2013-12-23, 09:47 AM,
i prefer using blogger cause its easy to use :D

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