Best Deal Crypto Machine Bot [FIRST 5 COPIES HALF PRICE]
2018-02-12, 04:59 PM, (This post was last modified: Yesterday, 01:33 AM by Temzmet.)
Welcome Elites

Announcing new crypto bot, written and developed by me.

A lot of people here are starting to get interested in making money in crypto. Here is a little bit about the bot.

The bot is built for Bittrex coin exchange. It uses two indicators to enter trades and gain levels together with dollar cost average to exit out of trades. It allows for various amount of customisation, however its core is hard coded and the main strategy cannot be changed. Buy/sell levels, quantity, aggressiveness, coin pairs and a bunch of other settings are still customisable. It includes other features such as checking your balances, latest order history, reporting to your Telegram every 30mins with profit results and current BTC trend, sell only mode for less stable market situations and a few more.

The bot is most profitable when there are no huge swings in BTC price. I will be providing average numbers and settings you need to be aware of.


The bot is written in Python language. Therefore, starting up the bot will be done using Terminal and it requires little bit of setup at first.

In action
[Image: cBokewd.png]

Users will receive a bot together with a PDF with all instructions needed to install, customize, setup Telegram reports and run all bot's functions. I highly recommend reading all the PDF, since there is a lot of information which would allow you to increase profits, once you get familiar with how the bot really works.

If you need any kind of support, contact me or leave a comment if you think it would also benefit other users.


$50 - BTC and PayPal only
First 5 copies for $25


1. How does it actually make money?
It uses two simple market indicators to enter trades, however all the magic comes after that, using DCA (Dollar Cost Average) method to lower the buying price everytime an altcoin goes down. So therefore, you always find a sweet sell point, as soon as a small increase in price occurs. Risk and wait time to close the trades are minimized greatly with this method.

2. How much you can make with this bot?
It varies, depending on quite a few factors. The biggest ones being your balance size, bot settings and overall market situation.

3. What operating systems are supported?
All major operating systems, including Windows, macOS and Linux support the bot fully. You can run it on VPS if you want to run it 24/7.

For Users

1. How to calculate the optimal settings?
Let's say you have $400 (0.04 BTC) in your account. And you choose to enter the trades with 0.001 BTC. In this case, you have to think about max DCA you want to have. The bigger the number, the faster you close trades in profit, even if a price goes down. To stay safe, we choose 3 as a max DCA count. Finally, we have to find out how many coins we want to trade at the same time. To calculate this, we have to multiply our trade entry price (0.001 BTC) with 2 for each DCA count. So in our case: 0.001 * 2 (first DCA) * 2 (second DCA) * 2 (third DCA) = 0.008. This is how much (0.008 BTC) you would spend at maximum on a single coin if a price goes down significantly. Because we have 0.04 BTC in our account, we can afford 0.04 / 0.008 = 5 coins to be traded at the same time. So we have our entry at 0.001 BTC, max DCA at 3 and maximum amount of coins traded at 5.


(Yesterday, 12:09 AM)Spikey Wrote:

I got the chance to reivew OP's bot, Its a bot written in python. At first it needs some time to setup, and once its done its the easy process!
I was not able to try the bot on my account because the bot is based on bitterex exchange and bitterex banned my account few months ago, The bot does the job as it is stated by the OP. It judges the EMA for the entry and exit points. The reports are also delivered through telegram which is a good point! I made some small trades using this bot. The bot uses API so you dont need to provide any login details to the bot. Overall the bot is a 4/5, because at the price of 25$ its a really good deal, alot of other AI bots are worth more and have monthly subscriptions. The only downside of this bot for now is that it uses bitterex exchange for trading, Bitterex has closed the registrations. It would be awesome to see a bot like this on exchanges such as Binance, Poloniex or other famous exchanges. 

Thanks and Regards
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2018-02-12, 04:59 PM,
IMPORTANT: Sellers are encouraged to provide reviews on sales threads. Buyers are also encouraged to first ask sellers questions before purchasing any services/products.
2018-02-15, 12:09 AM,
Offering 2 review copies for reputable members.
2018-02-15, 12:14 AM,
I'm interested by a review copy . Interesting bot
2018-02-15, 01:03 AM,
I am interested in a review copy

Do you know why are there no Lamborghini ads on TV?

Because the people who can afford a Lamborghini are not sitting around, watching TV all day.

“Either you run the day, or the day runs you.”
2018-02-15, 01:38 AM,
Will consider buying one after I see reviews from users above. Btw op, good luck with sales! Cool

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2018-02-15, 01:56 AM,
Count me in for review copy

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2018-02-15, 03:49 AM, (This post was last modified: 2018-02-15, 03:50 AM by Temzmet.)
One copy was given away to euforio.

Thanks DrKent!
2018-02-15, 04:21 AM,
Awesome bot for Crypto, Good Luck with Sales
2018-02-15, 04:31 AM,
I can not send pm's! Can you let me know How i can buy it!

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