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Back on Feet Journey! ~ User
2014-01-04, 04:30 AM, (This post was last modified: 2014-03-05, 02:41 AM by User.)
[Image: welcome1.png]
Hey guys! Welcome to my Journey Thread! Hope you guys enjoy it , it motivates you and keeps a smile on your face!

[Image: MyStory.png]
I started out pretty good in June,last year, with making a good $10 a day at points! On 1 Nearly dead Niche! Things slowed down and the biggest mistake I made was not to save any money to invest :(. I pretty much gave up as I got money for the things I wanted, then I realized, it wasn't all what I wanted and it was stupid to give up. I then used my left over cash to invest in a Domain niche. Niche was golden but I needed more money to invest in SEO to rank. So I basically had to pay hosting every month without making any money at all! I had to borrow money from many members to keep my domain running. I am now trying to make a huge come back, sitting here waiting for a Domain to rank is not going to get me anywhere. I hope I can make it again and even bigger then last time! I am very Rusty so I have outdated methods and tools but I am currently trying to became reactive on the forum to get up to date with everything!

[Image: goals.png?w=300&h=300]

Short Term
[X] Make $5 Daily
[X] Make $10 Daily
[X] Make $15 Daily
[X] Make $20 Daily
[X] Make $30+ Daily
[X] Make $50 Daily
[ ] Make $100+ Daily
[ ] Make $200+ Daily!
[X] Payback my Debts to all Members

Long Term
[ ] Learn SEO/GSA so I can Rank my own Videos/Sites on Google
[ ] Buy a Used Car (Preferably a BMW E46/E90 or E60 , or Mercedes CLS)
[ ] Invest in Real Life activities (Stock Market, Small Import Shop)

Super Long Term/Dream Goals
[ ] Buy a Used Range Rover
[ ] Start a Car Rental/ Taxi Service

Extra Goals
[ ] Buy tons of nice Clothes for Summer :P
[ ] Collect a ton (10+) of my favorite Jordans (Shoes)

To Do list!

[Image: swifttodolist7-256-3a1de10c1b19fcab40e5579fb0f692b2.png]

[ ] Get good Niches
[X] Get New PVA Youtube Accounts
[X] Get a new Network
[ ] Organize everything CPA/PPD related
[Image: text_conclusion.png]

I hope you guys enjoy watching my Journey and contribute. It would really help! I am back to a new guy, as my old tricks and methods are down so please help me through. Any network suggestions will be nice. Motivation would help a lot also, this is why I made the thread, to try motivate myself! Hope it turns out well! :). Thank you guys for checking out my Journey!

Will try my best to update everyday! Will be a challenge as I also want to focus on School more this year but hope I can balance both :).
Updates Below vvv !
[Image: updates-1.png]

Before End of Year Goal ! Car *MYVI*
[Image: jhnSWo7.png]
Skype - E60Boy (Note: Not online as much as before!)
[ ] 150+ Rep
[ X ] 800+ Posts
User's Voice/Video Service!
2014-01-04, 04:41 AM,
Best of luck with your journey man ! :)
2014-01-04, 04:43 AM,
Good luck on your journey sir :) Hoping for a good result :)

Kind Regards,

[Image: addskype.png?u=iSaganiCPA&c=purple]
2014-01-04, 04:53 AM,
Goodluck with your journey,hope you reach your goal!

2014-01-04, 05:49 AM,
Nice to see you create a journey mate, good luck
2014-01-04, 06:12 AM,
Good luck with you're journey! It's nice to see you're making an effort to pay people back and make some money! Try you're best to reach the goal! I'll watch this journey :P

[Image: Kh7ZcMn.png?1]
2014-01-04, 06:42 AM,
Good luck for your journey :)
Just focus on your goals and never let laziness catch you :)
2014-01-04, 04:32 PM, (This post was last modified: 2014-01-04, 04:33 PM by Jaysamuel.)
Good luck man! If you need a really good network try: CPAGrip, AdWork Media, or Incentlock.
2014-01-05, 02:08 AM,
Day 1 - Uploaded 5 Videos , 3 Niches in total , Saturated but decent traffic on these niches according to others. Changed my Domain niche to CPALead, hope to see an improvement there, got 1 0.55 lead on Adnooka off a very old niche. Hope I can find some niches tomorrow.

Before End of Year Goal ! Car *MYVI*
[Image: jhnSWo7.png]
Skype - E60Boy (Note: Not online as much as before!)
[ ] 150+ Rep
[ X ] 800+ Posts
User's Voice/Video Service!
2014-01-05, 02:13 AM,
Good luck with your journey mate! Wish that you will earn a lot!
I remember you, you was the one that have the image on the profile that, for an unknown thing, Chrome detected as virus! Ahah!
For everything, if I can help you, PM me! ;)

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