Back after 4 months, what have changed?
2014-08-10, 05:32 PM,
What up people, i kinda gave up like 4 months ago but now i want to get into this game and actually make a lot of money. Can somebody tell me what have changed in the last 4 months?
I used to do , like any other newbie, CPA + Youtube .. blablabla basic method. Have something changed in those past 4 months in it? Can i still make bank or what?

And by the way, is anyone using CPALEAD? Because for some reason it kinda doesnt LOAD FOR ME. Like it does, but very slowly and then it just freeze. I dont know whats wrong with it seriously.

Any tips for me? How should i start or what to do? Without investing ofc. Thanks! By the way, i have GSA arsenal but thats it. No proxies,no list no VPS. And i cant get them because i dont have any money to invest. Thank you for any kind answers :) Enjoy your day!

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2014-08-10, 05:54 PM,
The unlisted method got extremely popular. People can rank videos very high on YouTube without much effort or knowledge.

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2014-08-10, 06:05 PM,
Start learning SEO. Tubebox made unlisted method 100% automated so if you don't have the bot, then you are never going to survive with the automatic competition.
2014-08-10, 07:06 PM,
Things got a little harder, normally ranking videos is a pain in the ass because after you manage to rank them they get removed. Tons of people using the unlisted method. Many Google algorithm changes though blogspot Churn & Burn still works. CPAElites has grown a lot and many new, great shares have been posted.

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2014-08-10, 08:21 PM,
Oh boy, looks like its getting hard and hard... Thanks for the answers tho.. So youtube is just instarank. Wow

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2014-08-10, 08:43 PM,
You need to be able to adapt quickly to the changes, so better start reading everything.


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2014-08-11, 06:43 PM,
Unlisted method is known by everyone, but it is effective only with aged and active accounts.
2014-08-11, 08:16 PM, (This post was last modified: 2014-08-11, 08:25 PM by silaswilk.)
My advice, focus on one thing only

SEO or Buy traffic you can also combine this.
Bud if you ask me and you already said you quit 4 months ago. Go for SEO find some High CPC keywords with good montly search.
And also what alot people forget i dont know were you from bud you can aslo target good cpc keywords in your own language like i do (Y)

1.Buy exact domain
2.Created quality website use wordpress ( what i mean by good website think about al rules on-page/of-page)
3. Use google adsense plugin there some awesome good ones.
4. Double check your website
5. Start blasting Backlinks you can use other people service and outsource them like i do. Forum discussions are not allowed here(Y)

Bud this stufff costs some money bud find the right ones and good keywords you can bank big (Y)

this is just one way of the xxx

If you wanna do SEO. finding keywords is the hard part take some time.

What i think about unlisted youtube methode, sucks balls wasted off facking time if you ask me.
You need some good tools en proxy al that shit and tons of accounts to earn something.

Dont going wasted my time on fucked up for your brain methodes

Alot of people thinks its hard to earn some money on internet. my awnser NOOO you are just to lazy try new stuff.
Some little more affort you can earn very fast. in seo you can start earning little of a week or 2 (whitehat) you can already easly earn $50/$100 a day.

You have no money to invest. Go find a job ;p some money to invest will speed up to progress. how i know that because i'm lazy..
I have work for one month earn $1550. i have used like couple hunderd $ for investing and after couple of weeks i quit my job i earn after that more than $100 7 days a week.
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