Automate the Boring Stuff with Python_ Practical Programming for Total Beginners
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Software is at the core of so many of the tools we use today: Nearly everyone uses social networks to communicate, many people have Internet-connected computers in their phones, and most office jobs involve interacting with a computer to get work done. As a result, the demand for people who can code has skyrocketed. Countless books, interactive web tutorials, and developer boot camps promise to turn ambitious beginners into software engineers with six-figure salaries.
This book is not for those people. It’s for everyone else.
On its own, this book won’t turn you into a professional software developer any more than a few guitar lessons will turn you into a rock star. But if you’re an office worker, administrator, academic, or anyone else who uses a computer for work or fun, you will learn the basics of programming so that you can automate simple tasks such as the following:

  • Moving and renaming thousands of files and sorting them into folders
  • Filling out online forms, no typing required
  • Downloading files or copy text from a website whenever it updates
  • Having your computer text you custom notifications
  • Updating or formatting Excel spreadsheets
  • Checking your email and sending out pre-written responses
These tasks are simple but time-consuming for humans, and they’re often so trivial or specific that there’s no ready-made software to perform them. Armed with a little bit of programming knowledge, you can have your computer do these tasks for you.

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2018-02-02, 03:30 AM,
I've read this book before, it's a great read and demonstrates practical uses for python as a beginner! If you're really interested in developing bots I highly suggest downloading this!

Nice share :)

[Image: banner1.gif]

2018-02-02, 05:15 AM,
This is one of the better books mate. Great share :)
And as you're saying, its a good "starter book", plain and simple it can allow a the dedicated people to create small softwares that automate some of those borring tasks.
One thing I've been glad for in person is a excel sheet updating software.
I could follow all my campaigns in my excel sheet, calculating roi, ctr, cr, traffic status, cpc and much more.

With a nice overview and organisation, it makes things much easier to scale.
2018-02-02, 01:34 PM,
After so many years in this field, I realized that Automation is a key factor if you want to succeed in Affiliate Marketing.I would highly advice everyone to learn programming language to automate boring tasks.
2018-02-19, 12:35 PM,
Thanks for this stuff, been looking for this kind of material where I can at least enhance the little idea I had on my mind.
2018-02-19, 02:10 PM,
@ WarAffiliate

I had to edit your post and replace the download link. Your VirusTotal scan link and the download link didn't match.

This is the second issue regading VirusTotal scan links in February 2018 only. May I ask you to take care the next time please?

Thank you! :-)


Please check my latest thread:

[Image: giphy.gif]

Automate your daily work with Bots!
Then you'll have more time to sleep. ;-)
2018-02-19, 02:51 PM,
(2018-02-19, 02:10 PM)CharlieHarper Wrote: @ WarAffiliate

I had to edit your post and replace the download link. Your VirusTotal scan link and the download link didn't match.

This is the second issue regading VirusTotal scan links in February 2018 only. May I ask you to take care the next time please?

Thank you! :-)

Thanks for the reminder. Cheers

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