ArtificialEden's Journey to 50$/Day and beyond
2014-10-01, 10:20 PM, (This post was last modified: 2014-10-03, 07:19 PM by ArtificialEden.)
Hello everyone im ArtificialEden and this is my journey. Ive been in PPD/CPA for a year maybe slightly more. I have had a small previous success hitting 1k in a month then it just dropped to 200-400$ a month over a few months cause of mass video bans and me being lazy thinking it would just keep flowing in. Im currently running 2 multi-niche sites doing giveaways and hacks. Recently i went threw a mass video ban on youtube that inspired me to come back at them even harder. But im not going to rely on just 1 method im going all out this time.

Set And Forget Youtube + HR Views Youtube + SEO + Facebook + Other

Alright so the 4 Point Plan is this.

1: Start Up
2: Cash In
3: Sell Out
4: Bro Down

Lol JK the plan is more like

1: Continue general work on my 2 sites
2: Make more facebook pages
3: Continue reposting old YT vids and make new ones
4: Dive into set and forget
5: Post all HQ vids to alternate video hosting sites
6: Get better at SEO
7: Invest in tools/views/likes/ads/shares/other
8: Get second site ranking in google for some of the posts
9: Make whitehat site when i can think of a decent idea
10: Start single niche domains for popular things ive tested
11: Continue thinking of new ideas

Skype: " Artificial_Eden " Drop me message if you are interested in exchanging ideas

Im currently saving up for a car which will be a Honda Civic Hatchback or Acura Integra. I have over 1000$ put away so far i put away whatever possible every month. Im in the middle of doing testing on which 2 PPD/CPA sites to use it use to be all fileice but i recently tested CPALead as a second mirror only got 5% conv so im switching my second mirror to sharecash and seeing how that does this month. I get a 15%+ conv on fileice so i would like to get there or higher on a alternate PPD/CPA site so all my eggs aren't in one basket. I figured this thread will help keep me on track and the input from other like minded people will help me to improve my strategies along the way.

To the ends of the globe, No matter what it costs me.
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2014-10-01, 10:22 PM,
Hey Brother. I wish you great luck on your Journey. I too love Honda Civic :)
2014-10-01, 10:25 PM,
Good luck getting your earnings back and even more!
2014-10-01, 10:29 PM,
Good luck with your journey !
2014-10-01, 10:46 PM,
Thanks guys! Today ill be making 10 new google accounts 9 will be for youtube 1 will be for blogger i want to fill all 9 of those accounts and make some blogger pages and if i have anything left in me ill think of some more. Im trying to get as much work done as possible before the 4th when my gf comes down. Because i don't do nearly as much work as i normally would because she gets upset. While she is here ill do mainly set and forget cause its easy to get some work done quick while doing that.

To the ends of the globe, No matter what it costs me.
2014-10-01, 10:48 PM,
Good luck with this journey !
2014-10-03, 02:43 PM, (This post was last modified: 2014-10-03, 02:49 PM by ArtificialEden.)
Update: Well i had a mass ban on my youtube videos while i was reposting sadly got upto 25 videos then all got banned.... but i think i know why i just started using this new tool to track if my videos are up and what rank ect would of been a major help but im thinking using that without a vpn or proxy got my videos banned cause if that program is just going to the urls to see if they are up and if that ip is already being watched for spam i think this might give them the traces they need to ban all the videos this poped up in my head while i first tested the tool but it was already to late. so im going to just check em by logging into the account under the ip i uploaded the video with any other suggestions would be awesome. So tonight im just going to continue reuploading and try to make a new facebook account for some more facebook pages. Any other suggestions on things to get into would be great. i was thinking about trying mobile ads or something in mobile cause i herd the cash was good but i dont really know where to start in terms of that and i dont really have much money at all to invest into this. So suggestions on things to improve and different methods are very much appreciated!

To the ends of the globe, No matter what it costs me.
2014-10-03, 03:07 PM,
Good luck on your journey mate. Honda ftw!
2014-10-07, 10:45 PM,
Update: GF is here so progress will be slow for a few more days but i woke up early reposted one of my best vids and made a few blogger blogs ima continue to do what i can while she is here. Thanks for the support guys and any suggestions are highly appreciated!

To the ends of the globe, No matter what it costs me.
2014-10-13, 09:13 PM, (This post was last modified: 2014-10-14, 12:08 AM by ArtificialEden.)
Update: Just took my GF to the train station time to kick it into high gear cause i missed a lot of good working time. Well im going to figure out a YT PVA method and create some more accounts and im going to keep the cookies from each account by using firefox portable. If this doesn't help my videos stay up longer than a week then im going to start buying pva's probably aged ones and a vpn but i need to find a good one for youtube. I might use private proxies but that would be very expensive using 1 proxy per account. Im also going to try out a new method. Also looking into PPI i think i might make a blog or something to test it out. Also its about halfway threw the month and im getting 15% conv on sharecash ill wait tell the end of the month tell i decide what im really getting but so far its looking a lot better than my cpalead test.

To the ends of the globe, No matter what it costs me.

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