Are we alone in the universe?
2014-04-29, 02:25 PM,
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Quote:Perhaps not. Astronomers have been scouring the universe for places where water worlds might have given rise to life, from Europa and Mars in our solar system to planets many light years away. Radio telescopes have been eavesdropping on the heavens and in 1977 a signal bearing the potential hallmarks of an alien message was heard. Astronomers are now able to scan the atmospheres of alien worlds for oxygen and water. The next few decades will be an exciting time to be an alien hunter with up to 60bn potentially habitable planets in our Milky Way alone.

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2014-04-29, 09:22 PM,
I am sure, that we are not alone. What if we are and experiment of other races out there, to see how capable of living we are? It would be cool, if i could walk on the Enterprise in the near future:PP
2014-04-29, 09:42 PM,
i believe we are not alone in this universe...its to big that theres gotta be many things living in it besides us...
2014-04-29, 09:52 PM,
I also believe that we are not alone. The universe is too big and the planets that could possibly have living creatures are a lot.

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2014-04-29, 09:56 PM,
Universe is very big with many galaxies so I think there can be other race. 17 April 2014
There can be thousands of planets like these.
2014-04-29, 09:56 PM,
We are not alone, who goes deeper, will find informations. It is arrogant to think that we are the only living species in the univers
2014-05-04, 11:54 AM,
I believe there's a vast world of undiscovered secrets out there, so yeah we're definitely not the only planet with living people on it.
2014-05-04, 01:21 PM,
I believe there are undiscovered secrets also
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We are definitely not alone in The Universe.
Everyone who think we are alone should watch

2014-05-04, 02:08 PM, (This post was last modified: 2014-05-04, 02:08 PM by Atlantis.)
The universe is so big, I think there must be another life form somewhere else.
But it's weird to think about it; I mean what should it look like. Will it walk on two legs like we do? Will it have flesh and blood, will it look like anything that we know?

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