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2017-12-19, 06:13 PM,
(2017-12-15, 11:15 PM)cellmind3 Wrote: Do you guys have Skrill in your payment option
Sure! This is not a problem for us
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2017-12-22, 04:12 PM,
Dear users, partners, and readers! 

Our team would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We are happy to collaborate with you. Galaksion is constantly trying to meet your expectations in terms of transparency, efficiency, and profitability. However, our main aim is not just to satisfy them, but to exceed them.

2017 has been a landmark year for us:
  • Firstly, we underwent a re-branding and launched a new website to reflect a new stage in our history.
  • Secondly, we launched a brand new Self-Service Platform intended to propel us and our clients to new business heights.

We hope that these changes have already made your experience more engaging, pleasant, and rewarding. After all, your success is the main reason why we work, since your success is our success!

All the best,
Galaksion Team

[Image: xmas-galaksion-amatic.jpg]
2017-12-26, 10:13 PM,
Seems to be a good network, I will join your network soon to try the offers.
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Galaksion(2017-12-26 11:20 PM) 
2017-12-26, 11:20 PM,
(2017-12-26, 10:13 PM)MoneyNinja Wrote: Seems to be a good network, I will join your network soon to try the offers.
Thank you! We hope you will like Galaksion!
2018-01-02, 07:12 PM,
How many offers do you guys have?
2018-01-06, 10:34 PM,
Sounds good mate. Do you guys have incent offers?
2018-01-09, 11:55 PM,
(2018-01-06, 10:34 PM)umberblue Wrote: Sounds good mate. Do you guys have incent offers?
Unfortunately Galaksion cannot help you with this now.
2018-01-09, 11:56 PM,
(2018-01-02, 07:12 PM)Xaos Wrote: How many offers do you guys have?

Which particular offers do you mean?
2018-01-31, 06:06 PM,
Dear readers,

We would like to return to the question of the new Google Chrome ad-blocking feature that we touched upon recently. We know that this is an issue of great concern to advertisers, publishers, affiliates and networks all over the world. After all, this step taken by the monopolist is ambitious and potentially far-reaching indeed. 

So what are the consequences for the industry as a whole? And what are the implications for Galaksion and our webmasters in particular?  

What is it all about?
As we know, the measures planned by Google include the following two stages:
  • On January 23rd Google began to fight against what it called ‘abusive experiences’ and to block ‘ tabs’. 
  • On February 15th its built-in ad-blocker will be launched, making it possible to prevent ‘intrusive ads’ from being displayed.
In such a context, the following question arises: what are ‘intrusive ads’? 

The policy of Google in this regard is shaped by the findings of the Coalition for Better Ads. According to this stance, the following ad experiences ‘fall beneath a threshold of consumer acceptability’: 
  • Desktop Formats – Pop Up Ads (in this context, interstitials blocking contents of the page), Auto-Playing Video with Sounds, Prestitial Ads with Countdown, Large Sticky Ads. 
  • Mobile Formats – Pop Up Ads (in this context, interstitials blocking contents of the page), Auto-Playing Video with Sounds again, as well as Prestitials, Full-Screen Scroll-overs, Flashing Animated Ads, Large Sticky Ads, etc.   
What are the results for the Internet Industry? 
Google Chrome accounts for 55% of the market (all browsers, according to StatCounter). That is to say, in addition to its domination regarding AdSense (46.55% in Alexa Top 1M), Google is going to extend its overwhelming influence on the rest of the Internet and strengthen its monopoly. In other words, the giant is now willing to control even those pockets that have previously been out of its reach.
[Image: image_2018-01-24_16-01-48.png]

What will happen now? 
First of all, everyone should understand that, in actual fact, the new feature is not going to generate ‘global’ consequences immediately. For example, one of Chrome's rivals in this respect did some research and found out that the new filter would 'only block about 17% of ads online'.

It means that even those ads that may seem to be 'irritating' will be given the green light. Such 'legal' formats include 'flashing, animated ads as long as they don't interfere with the text of an article'. More than that, the new feature will not ban pop-ups entirely: only those ads that load for five seconds before you can access an article will be filtered, while those that let you press the skip button instantly will be tolerated.

Secondly, Galaksion is constantly adapting to our changing environment. The new challenge is no exception. That is why our publishers have no reason for concern. 

In spite of the fact that the policy of Google does look suspicious to us, we will abide by the new advertising guidelines. In conformity with this, our pop ads have already been modified to comply to the new requirements. The most important point is that our publishers’ money will not be affected by the ongoing changes. Once again, neither our pop ups, nor our pushups and nor our direct links will be affected.

More than that, new formats are being developed by us on the basis of the new criteria. Thus, our range of available options will be expanded: the latter will also stay within the limits. 

Let us also make a more general comment. Advertising is the key element of the Internet industry. It can be neither abolished, nor seriously restricted. It means that any attempt to impose serious and long-lasting constraints on ads is foredoomed to failure.
For every action there is a reaction. And Galaksion will certainly make its contribution to this reaction.
2018-02-04, 09:01 PM,
Sounds good. I am going to test your network offers.
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Galaksion(2018-02-21 09:53 PM) 

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