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Anyone else has not yet received payment this month from Aragon Advertising?
2018-11-21, 03:29 PM,
Hi Elites,

Are there other publishers working with Aragon Advertising who have not received payment this month yet for last month's performance? Because I am in such a situation. 

I have a payment delay from Aragon Advertising this month and it seems that the Aragon Advertising team is very busy and they have not sent me any recent update about what's going on there.

I sent some emails to Aragon Advertising to ask about the payment I should have received this month on the 15th on my PayPal account and why it has not yet arrived even today. Shortly after my emails I was contacted by Todd and Jonathan Lobo back and they checked if my account with Tipalti is set correctly and Jonathan's message sounds like this:

Hi Valentin,

You are all set for Tipalti. Payment will be sent to you on Monday.

Sorry for the delay on payment.


Jonathan Lobo
Accounting Manager

This happened last Friday.

The problem is that I have not received any payment on Monday, I have not received any payment yesterday and not even today. I tried to contact Todd and Jonathan again by email and even calling on their phone numbers but I did not have the chance to talk to any of them because they seem very busy.

I even contacted my account manager on Skype and he said that he is working on this, but today I had no answer from anyone and tomorrow seems to be holiday in the US and so I will not have a chance to find out anything nor tomorrow.

I am just asking if Aragon Advertising found out about the nature of the payment delay for so many days and if I have any chance of getting paid this week.

I saw here a guy with nickname Brian81 who answers on this forum on behalf of Aragon Advertising and it seemed a good idea to write a message to him here. Maybe he will be able to help me with this situation.

So is there anyone else in this situation?

Please let me know.

Thank you,
Valentin Stefan M.
2018-11-21, 04:01 PM,
I'm not using Aragon Advertising for monetizing my stuff, but one thing isn't clear for me here and maybe it can help you.
I'm using Tipalti for wire transfer payments, not for PayPal (which requires only email address). Maybe there's some kind of issue with that? You expect PayPal payment but how Tipalti fits into that?

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2018-11-21, 04:30 PM,
Hi DrKent,

Yes, Tipalti has PayPal too. Otherwise I couldn't set the PayPal in the Tipalti portal as a payment method. Besides, I think you read what Jonathan said as everything is set for Tipalti, and Jonathan is accounting manager at Aragon. So he would have said this if PayPal wasn't OK.

But as I already said, there is also in the Tipalti portal this PayPal payment method.

So the reason for the payment delay should be another.
2018-11-21, 04:46 PM,
Mentioning @AragonTodd-CEO and @Aragon_Team here.

But I doubt they will respond here (last logins in January and May 2018).


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Then you'll have more time to sleep. ;-)
2018-11-22, 04:46 AM,
Thank you CharlieHarper! I'll try this too.
2018-11-26, 01:39 PM,
Also haven't received, been emailing and stuff but basically feels like I'm being ignored lol, let me know if you do receive your payment!
2018-11-27, 02:48 PM,
Hi wghaven,

I still have not received my payment for this month from Aragon, but I wrote again some new emails starting yesterday.

I wrote to Todd's e-mail address, and Jonathan replied to me with the following message:

Hi Valentin,

Sorry for the delay. Payment will be sent on this week’s payment run.


Jonathan Lobo

Accounting Manager


Phone: (646)-688-4014

And my answer to him was this:

Hello Jonathan,

It's good news. Then I'll wait for the payment this week.

Please do not forget my Affiliate ID: xxxxx

Thank you!
Valentin Stefan M.

So it remains to be watched if this week they will keep to the promise and I'll keep you posted here.
2018-11-27, 03:30 PM,
Hey, thanks for letting me know, hopefully it all goes to plan!
2018-11-28, 02:26 AM,
(2018-11-27, 03:30 PM)wghaven Wrote: Hey, thanks for letting me know, hopefully it all goes to plan!

You're welcome! I hope so too and I think this should happen on Thursday.
2018-11-29, 06:37 PM,
A short update:

I contacted Jonathan again today to confirm if the exact day of the "week’s payment run" about which he talking in the previous email is supposed to be today (I mean Thursday at the time of my message).

His answer was this:

Hi Valentin,

Payment will be released today and will be in your account tomorrow.


Jonathan Lobo

Accounting Manager

I hope this time Aragon will keep his promise and I will receive my payment that has been delayed for so many days.

Valentin Stefan M.

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