Anyone Still Making Dough?
2014-10-08, 05:47 AM,
anyone still making dough. use to make 100-300/day before youtubes unlist now making less then 10$ a day. been 11 months under 10$ a day.

wondering how many people are or were in the same situation as me ;O
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2014-10-08, 07:28 AM,
Yeah it's gotten pretty bad.. I'm at around $15-20 a day... Used to make $50-$60 daily with unlist method..

I keep getting videos taken down by youtube (not flagged, I know the difference) and I don't even use the word h@ck or cheat in title.. only once in tags.. and about 2-3 times in description.
2014-10-08, 07:39 AM,
I can feel you bro, i'm also doing unlist on YT and lucky to get 20+ on 3 niches. Sometimes I only get 10+. I also used to make 50+ using unlist method.
2014-10-08, 07:52 AM,
unlist ruined everything lolz. the HR view method was bank. now it doesnt work and set and forget isint good at all. horrible conv. facebook marketing kinda sucks also cause all your accounts get banned after like 20 minutes.
so theres not much you can do unless you can find a golden seo gig that you would have to spend a couple hundred on and im sure people dont want to spend that just to test if it works.

so yeah. have been screwed for like 11 months now dammit lol
2014-10-08, 08:29 AM,
So what have you been doing? just setnforget?

People have also gotten tired of doing surveys...putting fake info or the survey never completes
2014-10-08, 12:26 PM,
What about legit stuff?

Did you even consider that..
2014-10-08, 12:45 PM, (This post was last modified: 2014-10-08, 01:14 PM by Calisthenics.)
(2014-10-08, 05:47 AM)Mσney Wrote: been 11 months under 10$ a day.

Looking at your previous post on forums it seems like all you do is complain. C'mon, if you have been barely making anything, why do you keep doing it? I mean, if it does not work, what makes you think that doing the same stuff over and over again will make you money?

Just take a break, relax, take a sheet of paper, write down new promotional methods and follow your new plan until you see some results. If after a period of time you don't see any results, it means you may need to change something.

Also, turn off anything that may distract you, for example, stop visiting forums so often, stop watching YT videos, stop visiting social networks etc. Seriously, I highly recommend you carefully analyze how long you actually work each day because sometimes you may think that you work when you necessarily aren't doing anything.

Here's a good quote from Albert Einstein that explains your current situation:
Quote:Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
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Cashtronaut(2014-10-08 11:48 PM) FRENCHINDAHOOD(2014-10-08 11:39 PM) Alecsandrul(2014-10-08 01:42 PM) don carlito(2014-10-08 01:03 PM) 
2014-10-08, 12:50 PM, (This post was last modified: 2014-10-08, 08:01 PM by SwiffJustus.)
Dam Guys, Sorry to here you all are having a Rough
go Of it, Really Am.

Guess that's why some never Try and get too Depended
Upon and/or Complacent with ANY 1 Method or Resource.
I saw This coming with Youtube a While ago as it was Just a
Wild-west Show up in there. Folks just recklessly
doing what they do so Flagrantly they Forced youtube
to use some of Those VAST financial resources and
put some things in Place. I mean they are in the Business
of Marketing and Paid Advertising so I mean you know -lol
They couldn't just let a lot of this go on Unchecked!
I'm sure a Lot of Advertisers were and still are complaining
about what they consider Riff Raff on the Site..Not My Words.

That's why a lot of Folks concentrate so much on Building and Developing
Personal Products,Legitimate Campaigns and those Ultra Targeted Niche ListS.
Nuturing those Ultra Important Networks that Develop
into a Mutual Back Scratching Relationship. But As soon as Folks
start Talking about Networking and List you Guys Turn Off and Tune Out
AND WE..I Mean THEY Love it- lol... Less Competition will always equate
to More Money in Fewer Peoples Pockets.

Yeah I know you Guys get the Emails, sometimes
3 Guys Pushing the same Product - lol
Sometimes The Names sound Familiar to you and you Just Close it
Or sometimes the Interest and Hook line is Just Too Great too Not Have a
Peek... And most won't admit but some almost became a Conversion -lol
They Have 10 of Thousands Who Don't and a Lot Of Times 1%
is all that needs to be converted to have a Decent Campaign.

Believe Me all The Emails are Not as Generic as The One you Probably
Received, some are extremely Personable.
The Teir One Targets ..Umm Excuse Me.. Teir One Clients.
But I won't go on to Bore you Guys with this as It is Mostly
Brick and Mortar, Not The Fast Paced, Fast Money Shaking and Baking
Action you Guys Are/Were Use too.
Ever Here the Saying EASY COME, EASY GO?
Sure you Have..... Pretty Sure you Have!

Again Sorry to hear this.. Oh And to the Poster above who said
folks are Tired of the Surveys? No They're Just tired Of the Surveys
being Shoved Down their Throats in the Same Old Uncreative ass Way.

Fancy Video, Pretty Lander and No other Thought whatsoever
into Funneling them Along.. I.e. Warming them up for the Conversion.
Yes those Pretty things and a Bit Of Trickery do help get some Conversions
but as most of you have so eloquently stated...
That shit Is dying a Slow Death.

Offff Course there will still be a Few who will be successful using
some of these Tactics but it will be those Tweaking and Twisting
things around and not just hopping on the Back of the Pack.
Walking Like the Ducks, Clucking like the Other Ducks and Finally
Getting Plucked and left for Dead ...Yup you Guessed it...
Just Like the Other DUCKS!

Back to The Lab >>>>>>Money>>>>>>Money>>>>Money>>>>
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DoubleD(2014-10-08 11:12 PM) 
2014-10-08, 11:13 PM,
^^ Lol that was a very good post, thanks for that :D

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