AnthonyTN- From 0 to $5000/Month Journeys
2013-10-30, 11:29 AM, (This post was last modified: 2013-11-03, 09:35 PM by anthonytn.)
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Hi everyone,
My name is Anthony. I've just joined this forum a few weeks ago, and I spent most of my time to read and learn from everybody. Now it's time for me to action.
I'm new to CPA but not to make money online. I've been making some money with Affiliate marketing, so that I know a little about SEO, Social marketing, Email marketing, etc ... This will help me a lot to start earning with CPA and PPD.
I don't have much free time, but I will try to update frequently
Important change:
3 Nov 2013: Because of some reasons, I decide to move to whitehat niches only. No more fake and blackhat niches. I'll start over again. Find niches and make website. It would be harder to make money from whitehat niches but I will try my best.

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I start with Zero at the moment.
I want to achieve the number of $5000/Month in 2014, with an everage of $2000/Month for the whole year.

My goals in more details

Day target

[Not Yet] 1$ day
[Not Yet] 5$ day
[Not Yet] 10$ day
[Not Yet] 25$ day
[Not Yet] 50$ day

Month target

[Not Yet] 100$ month
[Not Yet] 500$ month
[Not Yet] 1000$ month
[Not Yet] 3000$ month
[Not Yet] 5000$ month

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David25(2014-08-18 05:00 AM) Anth(2013-10-30 11:30 AM) 
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2013-10-30, 11:37 AM,
(2013-10-30, 11:30 AM)Anth Wrote: Nice thread!

I'm thinking of making one haha to keep track of my own stats etc

Ive subbed, goodluck :D!

You should make your own journey. It's good for you and will also inspire other people :)
I'm sure will sub to your journey
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David25(2014-08-18 05:00 AM) Anth(2013-10-30 11:41 AM) 
2013-10-30, 11:42 AM,
best of luck buddy.
as I can see you are starting from nov, how much niche you have setup for starting?

I subbed this thread, hope u will reach in your target.
2013-10-30, 12:45 PM, (This post was last modified: 2013-10-30, 12:45 PM by anthonytn.)
(2013-10-30, 11:42 AM)rajuonline Wrote: best of luck buddy.
as I can see you are starting from nov, how much niche you have setup for starting?
I subbed this thread, hope u will reach in your target.
I have 3 niches in mind, but just one ready to go :) I'll try to make 5 niche websites in Nov
2013-11-02, 09:17 AM,
Day 1 (November 1st):
Today, I've started my first niche campaign. One website, 2 you tube videos rank in google search first page, one facebook fanpage with 3000 fans.
Things are not going well, I don't have enough visitors, just 10 clicks and no lead.
Hope I'll do better in the next few days.
Keep moving forward!
2013-11-02, 10:09 AM,
You have large aspirations. That is good. Personally, I start small and increase my expectations as I reach my previous goal.
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anthonytn(2013-11-02 10:28 AM) 

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2013-11-02, 12:47 PM,
Would you mind discussing what you'll actually be doing thoughout the next few months?
2013-11-02, 10:29 PM,
(2013-11-02, 12:47 PM)dom Wrote: Would you mind discussing what you'll actually be doing thoughout the next few months?
I've just learned a litle about CPA and PPD, and there are so many thing I haven't known yet. So I guest will keep practicing and learning in the next 2-3 months before I can be confident about my earning.

This is what I 'll do:
1. Find niches (5-6 niches/month)
+ Look at google trends or other resource
+ Do keyword research
=> find some profitable niches
2. Create website/blog for that niches (one website can contains many related niches)
+ Make posts for PPD
+ Create landing page for CPA offers
3. Make videos and upload to Youtube + other video websites
4. Try to rank my videos on google first page
+ Create backlinks
+ Deliver some likes to videos
+ Make some good comments
+ Protect my videos from flaggers
=> I believe I can have some good earning if I do all these steps well
5. If I still have time, I'll try to do some SEO with my website
+ Social bookmarks
+ Web 2.0 backlinks
+ Onpage contents SEO
+ More video backlinks
=> It's better if you have traffic from both youtube and google :)
6. Build facebook fanpage and monetize my fanpage
+ My facebook advert was disable due to FB stupid system, so I can not use facebook ads anymore to get fans. I'll use FB viral script to build my fanpage. Target at 50000 fans/page
+ I'll also use addmefast to get fans quickly. Although they are not really active fans but it will help boost my viral script traffic.
+ After get around 5000 fans, I'll use these page to provide CPA offer (freebies, giveaway, make money offers should convert well, I think so)

Well, I think I have a lot of things to do in the next few months. If lucky, I should make around $500/month for the next 2-3 months.
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dom(2013-11-03 01:21 AM) 
2013-11-03, 01:21 AM,
Very detailed! Thanks a ton man! What do you mean by facebook viral script?
2013-11-03, 09:27 PM, (This post was last modified: 2013-11-03, 09:29 PM by anthonytn.)
Update for 2 Nov 2013:
It was a weird day.
I was playing around in my best friend Alex's room when I heard him yelling like crazy "NOT AGAIN!".
You know what ? Alex just completed a survey to download a fake game hack software. He told me that he was sick of those MFKers who upload fake files into survey host.
His words made me consider about my CPA strategy a lot! All niches I have in mind are fake and blackhat niches!!! I choose them because I can have fast income and will reach my target soon. However, it could be anyone who download my fake files and get mad with them. It could be my friend, my family member. I don't want to make money like that. It's lucky that I hadn't earned any thing with my fake niches yet. I deleted my videos from youtube and deleted my fake blogs. I did nothing more on 2 Nov but though about what should I do with CPA and PPD to make money with legit method!
Update for 3 Nov 2013
Today I did some researchs on this forum and found many tutorials from our awesome members about whitehat niches. Yes, it maybe harder, slower to make money with whitehat niches but it is possible. So I decide to move to whitehat niches.
I will need to find some niches soon because right now I have no idea about that. And I'm still stuck with how people would complete survey to see my content while there are tons of them in the internet. The only way to do that is I have to make unique and HQ content (or at least make people think so)
Man, it would take a long time before I can earn something with whitehat CPA.But I choose to go this way, and I will not stop until I achieve my goals.

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