Answer to [Blackhat'ers | Don't You Feel Guilty Scamming People ?]
2014-01-08, 06:00 AM,
Its simply a matter of opinion, nobody is wrong and nobody is right its all relative.
Some people had a hard life they truly know what misery and the lack of any future is.
Not everybody was born in usa or in any other "rich" country.
People from eastern europe and other 3rd world countries know what hardship is as most of them are working since the age of 16.
When I am saying working at age of 16 I am not thinking of mcdonalds, pizza hut or any other crap , I am thinking of hard manual labour like digging with showels 12 hrs a day like any adult and all this not to make some extra spending cash but to help their families.
Prices in the stores are the same or even higher than in germany/france/uk yet the avg salary is 150$ , on top of this the goverments are squezing every penny out of you.
There are a lot of people that have no money to pay the bills and have to cut them down, the goverment aint helping them , they just wait till they get an x ammount of money owed to to the electric/gas company and they sell ur apartment from right under ur ass , just because u owed 300$..
My neighbours one floor down have no electricity no heat , and here I am 10 meters away typing on a 1.5k$ pc , you know why?
Because I had a dream and the only one making that dream possible was me.
So when an opportunity like this comes along where I can make money by taking advantage of people who search for illegal things (paypal generator) I say f$#& em, they deserve it, its like selling fake drugs to an idiot , what are they going to do? probably search for another dealer...

What people fail to realise is that there is a big difference in blackhat and whitehat, blackhat niches like generators/Ha$% etc can not be used as whitehat because for these things its impossible to provide content, there are millions of searches/mo for h$#^/genarators etc , you know why people complete a survey for them?
Because they cant find what they are searching for because it never existed, if someone would come up with a legit paypal generator and sell it everybody would just go there and buy it, thus killing the niche for cpa/ppd. The mentality of these people is as simple as someone chasing a rainbow , they can see it, almost touch it ....step by step they are getting closer to it yet never reaching it...

As for whitehat/legit niches its all about real content, you attract people with content that truly exists like quitt smoking, the downside of this is that anything can be found for free with a simple google search so convincing somebody to complete a survey might be somewhat difficult and not to mention the oversaturation of these niches with clickbank products, adsence sites and other affiliate sites all competing for the same niche.
If you thought that ranking up a site for a 10k searches/mo blackhat niche is hard, just try to rank a whitehat niche with 10k searches/mo you will see the difference.
If u are using whitehat and not providing actual content I don't know why u would even bother...

My point with this post is that there is no blackhat vs whitehat or one is better than the other, we all are in the same boat and have the same goal which is making money.
whitehat/blackhat is a matter of choice , the same as choosing traffic method like fb/yt/seo yet nobody is making posts with "do u feel bad u used software to rank up ur site? cuz I am " or "I cant sleep at night cuz I boosted my video which is against yt TOS"

Grow, up people dont let our differences devide us , embrace them instead, let us grow stronger as we have a lot learn from each other
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2014-01-08, 10:02 AM,
I completely disagree with you 100%

Not serious
2014-01-08, 10:14 AM,
I'm more on blackhat. no because that's my way. :D
2014-01-08, 10:14 AM,
[Image: Zzz1zQM.png]

[Image: ZKRPrA3.png]
2014-01-08, 03:06 PM,
It's true, when I wake up the first thing crossed in my mind is whether my YT accounts is mass banned or not.
I'm gonna switch to whitehat as soon as I got some money to invest.
2014-01-08, 03:25 PM,
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Alek(2014-01-19 06:56 AM) 

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