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2013-11-01, 05:20 PM,
Hello Elites,

Below I'll go ahead and share some tips I would implement when using YouTube. For those that don't already know about me and CPA, I can tell you that I made a great profitable living using YouTube for many years. Some of the things may of changed, please understand that what I have written below is based on my own experiences with YouTube and my opinions.


This is of course one of those questions that gets asked a LOT, I have explained before in many posts / threads how I would not generally direct link in my videos. It comes down to common sense and logic mostly so I'll explain my reasons for this.

My personal view is that YouTube will send out a bot upon reports on videos, the bot will implement some type of criteria check and will see what the URL inside the description consists of. YouTube would of course have banned terms that they flag.

If your video has a LOT of value added, when the video is flagged it takes more flags for the video to be checked, this is just something (I'm thinking) - this means your video has more chance of staying up and not getting manually checked by a Youtube moderator, or it means that it's going to at the very least take longer for that to happen allowing you to keep the video up.

Verdict: For me I would use sites such as Mediafire and place my website URL inside a text file (remember) when someone opens that they can use the (view) feature anyway and not have to download the file to see the address to the website anyway.

You can of course direct link but for me it's a risk, some will direct link and get away with it but from my personal perspective the videos will stay up longer when not direct linking.


In order to add good SEO optimization to ones video, it's important to place the main keyword once in the title and then around 2-5 times inside the video description. Based on the tags you should not over spam and just sticky to around 2-5 keywords.

Adding value in the way of comments / likes and all that good stuff of course helps out, thing is YouTube change the game more than women change their hair styles so it's hard to keep up. IMO adding comments / likes / subs will help the video and even generating a top comment (comment you add likes to, which then shows direct below the video = top comment with likes) - will help the video out a lot as well.

Back links are great for YouTube videos, well any videos, yes back links can help your videos to rank up but you need to use a good diversity of links from different platforms.

Social bookmarks
Social networks
Web 2.0

Well you get the picture! Nerd you can buy Fiverr gigs at just $5 for this type of stuff, just look around you will spot good deals.

Securing Your Video

An old trick I once used was to make the video as unlisted, this did help me to keep the video hidden away and age a bit. However, if you boost the video while it's unlisted and then make it public and it ranks and gets flagged it will cause you problems. When you make an unlisted video public, you will notice that the date at the top of the video is incorrect and will show a new fresh date. I tested this and waited to see what happened, after some hours it will then revert back to the original later date it was uploaded.

Moral of the story - don't boost the video while it's unlisted, first make it unlisted and then public, after that you can boost it while it's just sitting on the back pages and has age.
Avoid direct linking in your video descriptions as well unless the videos are old and SERIOUSLY boosted!

Again things change and some of this stuff may be different, I'm just sharing my own personal experiences I had with YouTube ages ago.

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