11th of November 2020 - CPAElites is for sale! As a result of the 4th CEO absence in 2020 (for months): Please click [here] to read more!

ANNOUNCEMENT Internal delays due to CEO absence
2020-07-23, 12:07 PM,
(2020-07-23, 07:14 AM)SwiffJustus Wrote:
(2020-07-23, 01:11 AM)CharlieHarper Wrote: No, I don't have any official shares of the "new" owner company (after the H*wkE*e sale).

Ok I see, you just invested quite a bit of money and "basically own the largest part of the CPAElites forum"
but you're not and official shareholder ? Got it....I think lol

Maybe you remember the first months after the sale in April 2019. I was here around like 22 hours a day, sometimes 2 days in a row without any break. To detect security risks, fix backdoors, remove fake accounts, add custom code, workarounds to restore missing material, ... You know all the changelog posts, roadmaps, pending tasks lists. This was a fact until autumn 2019.

And after that I was still around every day, to plan and create CPAElites 2.0 (then CPAElites Essentials) additionally to the custom coding, the bugfixing, server administration (2 servers), manual moderation tasks, payment processing, ...

So there was not the time to think about being an officially listed shareholder of the company, and not the reason to speed this up, since I totally trusted the company and its CEO.

Quote:Good Luck Buddy

Thank you! :-)


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Automate your daily work with Bots!
Then you'll have more time to sleep. ;-)
2020-07-27, 03:47 AM,
[Image: wDAv4R1.jpg]


[Image: giphy.gif]

Automate your daily work with Bots!
Then you'll have more time to sleep. ;-)
2020-07-29, 03:14 AM,
(2020-07-22, 06:02 PM)SwiffJustus Wrote:
(2020-07-19, 03:05 PM)CharlieHarper Wrote: @SwiffJustus

(2020-07-12, 05:45 PM)SwiffJustus Wrote: P.S.

If you do hear from The Owner Ask him if he is Interested in selling the Forum
and the details if interested . I'M READY Cool 

Thank you for your kind words. :-)

Regarding a possible sale, please check this thread: https://www.cpaelites.com/Thread-Announc...s-for-sale

Yeah Charlie, after a bit of research and feedback I think I'm gonna pass on this one Brother.
Just to many uncertainties and loose ends ..
Vanishing CEO, Limited access to perform certain functions, Lackluster community Interest ..etc.. etc..
And I have to also go with my gut...This just doesn't feel right.
Kinda had the feeling you were invested in the company as well but not as a majority shareholder..
Still don't understand how you guys handed over that money without having in place an
apparatus of assurance of full access once transaction was complete, like an escrow or intermediary.
But that is neither here nor there at this point now is it..
Hope it turns out well for you Charlie..

Have a great Day!

and now it's sale for €400.000+ lol
(...) but ohwell this post will probably not get approved..
2020-07-29, 03:58 AM,
(2020-07-29, 03:14 AM)Bazingaa Wrote: and now it's sale for €400.000+ lol
(...) but ohwell this post will probably not get approved..

No, it's not 400.000,00 Euro, it's 500.000,00 Euro (plus VAT, depending on the country of the buyer).


And there are already 9 companies interested to buy it.

(I hope you don't mind that I had to remove your staff disrespect.)


[Image: giphy.gif]

Automate your daily work with Bots!
Then you'll have more time to sleep. ;-)
2020-08-11, 10:02 AM,
Please don't close cpaelites.They site is very usefull to me.

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