Amoneymus Journey to a stress-free financial independence reality
2017-09-12, 09:37 AM, (This post was last modified: 2017-09-29, 09:01 AM by Amoneymus.)
Thank you for coming, you are about to enter a world of failures, sad moments, weird behaviours, bad choices, and the story of a guy that never gave up. My name is js·$"Sk-dajkj54qASDrnjq (encrypted with a extremely powerful and secret encryption system), but you can call me Amoneymus.

Why writing this Journey?
Good question (?), let me tell you why not. Don't even think of starting a Journey, if you don't want to have a strict action plan written to the public, don't even start writing your public journey, if you are not prepared to face the pressure of being exposed as a failure, or a small percentage of the group that made something. Don't start writing the goals you are aiming for, if you are not ready to not achieving them at the time you think you can.

The Journey my friend, is your private life-goals DIARY becoming public. So, if you are not prepared to be the greatest failure right now, in order to learn and be a better moneymaker online, don't even think on starting a Journey.

I started this journey, because I want to show the world how bad I am, and I want them to see, how I get better, because worst I can't, not by learning, not by being humble. So welcome to the path to success, failure.

You will see me failing a lot, you will see me sad, angry, but I bet you, at some point of this journey, you will see me accomplishing my goals, being stress-free decision maker and financial independence. You will see me rise, like a mother fucking dragon, I promise you, and myself, that I will follow every single necessary step, to achieve my goal. And I WILL.

What is your GOAL?
Wow! Another great question, we have a great questioner here guys (?). My goal is dead simple, short, concise, and straightforward.

GOAL: $3000 USD per month
This could also be understood as $750 weekly or so.

How will you achieve it?
OMG, I can't go further with this amazing questions, but I will, for you, and me.

I think, personally of course, that focus on ONE thing is what everyone says is the correct way, and I don't know if they are right, because I never focus on one thing for longer than.. a week. I will take a different way on this journey, and I will tell you why.

I lost my job some months ago, well... "lost", I know where it is, but they don't want me there anymore as I might be the worst employee EVER, which kind of make me proud.

The thing is, I had money for only 2 months of living, yes, you heard right, and I don't live with my parents sadly, and going living with them could be one of the worst decisions in my life, so I put myself in a desperate situation, where I need to fix this, or be the sadest mother fucker on earth, walking to m parents house as I look down thinking about my stupid brain while it rains...

Hopefully, that WON'T happen, why? First of all, because I'm writing this journey and compromising with all of you, secondly, because I will work hard as f&ck, I will chase this as someone else wanted to take it away from me.

Damn... I didn't tell you how I will achieve this goal yet. Well, with what I call, Egg Baskets.

The Plan
You are telling me you have no plan? You are so done. I have one, and you can take it without permission as a template and make your own as well. If some pages forward you see I made it, it's because of this.

So I will be dividing my whole goal and finances into Egg Baskets, each Egg Basket will provide their contribution to the cause.

My current Egg Baskets and their monthly contribution:
  • Blackhat CPA/PPI (EB #1)
    So I will be doing Instagram + YouTube Blackhat CPA with OGAds and CPAGrip. I made more than 2k last year with OGAds only, and it took too much time, too much time consuming, too much maintenance, and I really didn't realize that this kind of independence is what I want, and of course... I wasn't aware of the outsourcing concept as I do right now.
    I have 39 IG accounts on stand-by, I'm experiencing with only 1, warming up and seeing the weak point of the accounts, when do they get banned and why, so once I test the process and I can see that the process works, I will just replicate this to the other 39 accounts.
  • Local Digital Marketing Agency (EB #2)
    I own a small digital marketing agency focused on delivering results (positive return on investment) with a medium to long term digital marketing plan. Basically what I do is offering services like Facebook and Instagram Ads, Community Management and Web Design. Right now my focus is to go strong only on Facebook and Instagram Ads. I charge each of my clients $500 USD monthly for this service, but right now I'm creating some packages for less money. I have 2 clients, but one is very weird and is not responding my messages, he said a very newbie excuse and our relationship it's unstable, so I will say I have 1 stable client by now.
So there you go, those are my current egg baskets and I will work hard to achieve my goal with all the contributions of these baskets.

So right now, I will divide my day and assign parts of the days (hours) to each baskets, then after some days I will see which one needs more hours, and which doesn't. Hopefully, this will end on a stress-free financial independence lifestyle.

I will try to update you on a daily basis at first.

Thanks for reading!
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2017-09-12, 11:02 AM,
So much method u use!!! Go Amoneymus!!
2017-09-13, 12:19 AM,
All the best brother! I hope you do well in this journey.
2017-09-13, 12:23 AM,
Good luck bro. I will follow your journey.
2017-09-13, 06:44 AM, (This post was last modified: 2017-09-29, 09:03 AM by Amoneymus. Edit Reason: New Weekly Report implemented )
NOTE: Please, refer to Week #1 Report on Page 2.
2017-09-14, 10:06 AM,
Nice mate. Stay motivated and work hard.
2017-09-15, 12:26 AM,
Nice mate. Keep up the good work. Smile
2017-09-17, 07:20 AM, (This post was last modified: 2017-09-29, 09:04 AM by Amoneymus.)
Thank you guys for the support!
2017-09-20, 03:33 PM,
Sounds good mate, keep up the good work.
2017-09-21, 01:59 PM,
good luck mate, how is the journey going?

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