America secret currency?
2014-01-25, 06:43 PM,
i want to ask about your opinion about this secret currency. they claim that only wealthy family knows about it and it is the world safest currency and alternative to bitcoin . watch the video here:
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2014-01-25, 06:45 PM,
I haven't watched the full video (in a room full of music) but from the looks of it, it seems to me like someone just trying to promote something else.
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TheVBScripter(2014-01-25 07:17 PM) 

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2014-01-25, 06:49 PM,
theyre not advertising anything from what i search, just a subscriber form for those who interested in further research of this currency. but i'm not optin to that.
2014-01-25, 06:54 PM,
That's a lie. It's "Media marketing". They will make you believe that Bitcoins will fall and it will make you sell it. And the people that made this video will just buy Bitcoins for cheap and then just wait for it to raise. Becoming a millionaire.

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2014-01-25, 07:07 PM,
I heard about some new american courency called Amero if I remember correctly it will be something like the Euro in europe but with countryes from the americas.
The big picture is that us dollar has its value due to the petrol, because petrol is traded in us dollars, iran stopped using $ to trade petrol and instead using Euro, from here comes all the negative publicity by the media towards iran.
USA seeing that its not backed up by eu countries to invade iran they decided to haress Syria , because Syria has an alliance with Iran, so if syria enters a war Iran will be automatically dragged into that.
China and Russia are backing up Iran, China already requested the change of the $ for trade.
And all this to preserve the value of the dollar , lets hope USA wount start a WW3 if they invade iran.
The only other option is this new currecny Amero but as usa is hated by most of the world it will be hard getting suport for the currency.

PS the value of the dollar was heawily inflated after the "crash" , all those to big to fail companies faild and the goverment had to bail them out.
They bailed them out simply by printing more money thus hyperinflating the dollar.
Till now the hyperinflation is beeing kept under control by the petrol, once more countryes switch to trade the pertol in Euro or the petrol supply stops the US dollar will crash.
The us goverment is already preparing for the crash, it is already rearming its police and law inforcement agencies with wartime ammunition, just search around google/youtube.

Oh and the Federal Reserve is printing the us $ and this it is a private company and has nothing to do with the goverment, people behind it are Rotchilds family , bush family etc
2014-01-25, 07:12 PM, (This post was last modified: 2014-01-25, 07:12 PM by Fridge.)
I'm the guy that usually believes in conspiration theories (but I pick them carefully) if you ask me WW3 will start this year, in the spring. We'll live and we'll see, until then I'll buy a RPG from Somalia Evil

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