[Advice Needed] Youtube - Links marked as spam
2015-02-20, 04:14 AM,
Hi guys, I have been using Youtube for CPA for what must have been 3 months now. Last month I made quite a decent ammount of cash only got 1 link brought down out of 40 due to it being marked for spam.

Now this month has been dry I mean really really dry. Im getting the same ammount of traffic but no leads. I check out my links to find out they are all marked as phishing sites through google chrome browser and the WOT browser aint happy with them either.

I don't spam im just quite good at ranking (well the niches i have chosen)... 2 vid no1 spot in over 20 niches hardley spam. My landing page gives the user all the information about whats going on so it's not deceptive or missleading but yet I get marked for it. The landing pages are all different so im not sending same junk out.

They were bitly links that shortened down my grip landing page. I decided to change url shortner and my links now only last a few days before being deleted by the url company themself. Then grip takes the file off which is strange.

Now im just wondering if anyone else has noticed a rise in flagging for spam and if so how do you guys avoid it would it be best to follow this method:


Instead of:

Url shortner> locker

any advice would be great, cheers
2015-02-20, 04:21 AM,
If you talkin' about the flagging on youtube, its been there since ages and it will stay like that
Youtube doesn't really care if the LP is misleading, it only needs a couple of flags for them to determine that its a bad video, also my advice to you is to change your host, i guess you are using a free hosting? if so, then try blogger, as its owned by Google until you get some money for a premium host on hostwinds.com it costs $4 for a basic shared hosting plan.
Wish you the best.

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2015-02-20, 04:24 AM,

I was not refering to youtube at all. The videos are still live its the links in the description that are marked. These are like I said direct landing pages hosted on cpagrip.
2015-02-20, 09:15 PM,
Ok now this is just idiotic. Just created a new wordpress site. Made it all prim and proper. I then added a download button to the page to bring the "customer" to my grip file locker. I then advertised my link on youtube on just 1 video.

2 hours later my wordpress site is now marked as phising on both chrome and firefox. And on virustotal it is marked as 1 on the following:

Fortinet Phishing site
Kaspersky Phishing site
Netcraft Malicious site
Opera Malicious site

Something is not quite right here. Is it really that possible to do that so fast? This is in now way a missleading site. Its fully explained. So why on earth are sites allowing it to just go straight through.
2015-02-20, 09:19 PM, (This post was last modified: 2015-02-20, 09:20 PM by BlackHatSEO.)
(2015-02-20, 09:15 PM)dami3n Wrote: 2 hours later my wordpress site is now marked as phising on both chrome and firefox. And on virustotal it is marked as 1 on the following

You already wrote the significant words:

- Google Chrome: Every URL you're entering is transmitted to Google, even a hidden ID (set at the time of installation, so even IP change/cookie deletion/cache refresh doesn't help). So don't use Google Chrome for SEO, building CPA sites or anything similar.

- VirusTotal: It's a Google company, so don't enter your site there.

Don't use any Google product while gaming Google, this includes Google Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics, Google AdSense, Android and many more hidden Google techniques.
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2015-02-20, 10:20 PM,
Ok, ill make a new site follow everything I did before respin thepage do some editing. Create this in Firefox instead and then it should not be marked as phising? Guess Chrome will now be my "Clean" browser. I just find it odd how a simple page with only one link can be marked so fast
2015-02-20, 10:28 PM,
(2015-02-20, 10:20 PM)dami3n Wrote: Create this in Firefox instead and then it should not be marked as phising?

I don't know your environment. Some plugins at Firefox or enabled security settings could transmit your activity to Google and its partners, too.

Quote:I just find it odd how a simple page with only one link can be marked so fast

You are already using different link shorteners/URL shorteners to not use your CPAGrip link, don't you?

This place is intentionally left blank.
2015-02-20, 10:28 PM,
As long as you follow a certain pattern you will always be easy to find/flag.
2015-02-20, 10:32 PM,
I used a link shortening service for the link on youtube and a shrotner for the link on my wordpress site. The service has been good and never been marked once yet for me so I used them again. Its like I was targetted tbh. I didn't thin google worked that fast lol.
2015-02-21, 04:16 PM,
youtube is very tricky when it comes to CPA, they flag my videos fast too :(

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