Adnooka Apology - What Happened
2014-01-09, 01:52 PM,
This is the official story of Adnooka over the past few months and how things have gotten to where they are now. We hope it can answer some questions and hopefully pave the road for a better future.

In June of 2013, Wade and I were informed by our third partner that he would be leaving the company. He wanted out by the time Wade and I were departing for vacation. This gave us one month to put together things on our end in Canada and transition the company from the USA. Due to the time constraints and lack of urgency, we were not able to get everything sorted out before the transition occurred and this immediately caused us problems. Ever since this occurred we have not been able to catch up with the work load and things seem to have climaxed over the past few weeks.

While the transition has caused us many problems, the biggest problem has been our lack of commitment to our network and providing the type of service we did upon launch. We did exactly what we stated we would not do and became the network we swore we never would. For that, we apologize. This industry is plagued with networks that come in guns blazing and after a short period of time disappear from the game.

Let's talk about the present and then the future. Right now we are having a few database problems with user accounts, we believe to have solved the issues but are still working on things. If you are having issues accessing your account email or We will be closing all support tickets to clear our system, then if you would like to continue with your support ticket or create a new one please do and we will address it ASAP. As for payments, Payza is no longer supported nor is ACH. PayPal is the best option for us right now or a check. As for offers, we will be adding/removing stuff over the next couple weeks so thing should improve drastically.

Now for the our future plans. We believe there are large problems plaguing this industry that no one seems to want to address. Fake content, shady mobile offers, and more. This kind of stuff must change if this industry wants to grow and be taken more seriously. We believe there is potential to grow with virtual currency, content lockers, etc. How this will be achieved is unknown, we simply want to address the fact that we want to improve and are thinking of the future.

Again, we are sorry and do not seek out empathy. We felt we could reach a large audience through these forums and it seemed to best way to bring everyone up to speed.

Matt & Wade
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2014-01-09, 01:55 PM,
Was looking for this. Hopefully change will come.
2014-01-09, 02:00 PM,
"It doesn't matter how badly you fall, what matters is you stood again"
Its great thing that you decided to make everyone aware of the current situation. The thread should have come sooner.
But anyway i hope you recover from all the problems and things go normal again.

[Image: sghpSG7.png]
2014-01-09, 02:02 PM,
great news there :)
i got my payment from adnooka tho i m actually left u guys bcoz of low conversion and for me support was very good.
I m gonna come back if everything will be fine again as it was my best network ever i used in past :)
Please update us about the updates and stuff and m gonna come back there for sure :D
2014-01-09, 02:04 PM,
(2014-01-09, 02:02 PM)moneyboy2012 Wrote: great news there :)
i got my payment from adnooka tho i m actually left u guys bcoz of low conversion and for me support was very good.
I m gonna come back if everything will be fine again as it was my best network ever i used in past :)
Please update us about the updates and stuff and m gonna come back there for sure :D

Thanks for the kind words, means a lot to us. Give us some time to get things in better shape. We feel we are not up to standards with the current competition but this will change over time.
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saturated(2014-01-09 05:01 PM) moneyboy2012(2014-01-09 02:09 PM) 
2014-01-09, 02:29 PM,
I hope the problem will be solved as soon as possible. Best of luck for adnooka
2014-01-09, 02:33 PM,
This is was much needed :)

Need Awesome Conversions Join This Network
2014-01-09, 02:38 PM,
Finally! Adnooka back from the dead?

I'd really like to use you guys again..
Don't give up!

2014-01-09, 02:54 PM,
Adnooka is the first network I've joined ever since I started to do CPA last June 2013. They were kind enough to let me have a weekly payment schedule even though I'm just a complete newbie.

I never missed a payment from Adnooka, only delays that lasted few hours.

If it wasn't for this network, I won't be able to make this post using my awesome gaming desktop that I purchased using the money I received from them.

I commend them for the way they care for their publishers because whenever I encounter some issues, I call them and they reassure me that they will take care of the problem and they really do.

Best Regards,
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MrWest(2014-01-10 05:28 AM) 

[Image: 2m7x0so.gif]
2014-01-09, 03:35 PM,
I have to thank you guys for finally making this thread and maybe one day I'll come back to you guys to triple my past earnings.

Just keep up the work, fix that PR, get your old advertisers back ASAP!

You'll see me back soon enough.

puu. sh/6eJQn.png
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Adnooka(2014-01-10 06:02 AM) 

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