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Welcome to BankGold V2 Absolute Social Domination

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Vouches and Reviews:

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Ok Guys, I've read a lot of the replies you have had on other peoples Sales threads whenever they try and sell an ebook. So I will just address the most common concerns and complaints right from the start

What makes this different from any other money making ebooks listed on CPAelites?

Well the difference in my own personal opinion is that, when I wrote this, I wrote it with the actual intent to help others earn money.

As much as I want to make money by selling this ebook, I am also looking to meet some great people and communicate with them on Skype so we can all live a little bet easier.

As I was writting this ebook, I thought to myself.....

"Would I be happy if I bought this"

So I read everything over and tried to put myself in the position of someone who has never used this method before, and I envisioned myself trying the method out as a Newbie and tried to really feel if I thought It would work or not.

After using this method for the past couple months and writing this ebook....I can say with confidence that if you Follow this Method exactly....you will make money. Not only will you make money, but you will build a list of leads that you can market to for as long as that person uses that email address.

Is This Easy To Setup? How much Time Does it Take? Is it Autopilot? Is there a start-up cost? What is required?

So basically, like anything in life that earns you money, its not going to be a piece of cake. You are going to need to spend some good old fashioned time getting everything setup and ready.

In terms of the technical knowledge required, it is very easy to setup and impliment. You do need to know how to setup a website, host a domain, but other then that, everythings explained 100%, and I tell you exactly what you have to do.

Once you do the method, the traffic will start coming in on Autopilot, but you will still be required to do the method in order to have a continuous stream.

There can be no start up costs, but if you want to scale up, you can definitely invest in it to take things to the next level.

Am I guaranteed to make money?

Well, I can't guarantee anything because I don't know if you're actually going to use and impliment the method. But I can say that, if you follow my instructions and do what I say, and you put in the work and effort, the amount of money you have the potential to make is endless.

When I wrote this, I wanted people to be able to get the most bang for the time.

Most of the time when you get traffic to a CPA offer or Product, the user clicks, they either convert on the offer or buy it. Then you never see that user again.

What I am instructing is....You will learn how to get the traffic needed AND also hold onto and squeeze every possible conversions out of a lead. That means if the user completes a CPA offer today, you can target them again in a week and a month. The beauty of this is that these user are already "HOT" leads. That means they are willing to give up there email and complete offers and make purchases.

What Is this Method About?

This method is about using Social Media to generate traffic to your CPA offers and Products. The Method is also about capturing the leads so that you can market to them over and over. I teach you why the basic techniques people are using are not working and show you how to actually provide Value to the users so that you can actually get conversions.

This is the current method that I have been using myself to earn what I think is very good income.

Are There Review Copies?

Yes I Am giving Out 3 Review copies to trusted and active members, All review copies will be given out by January 31st. So if you are reading this after that date, then No there are no review copies Left. You can ask for a review copy, but just know that I will be checking your post history and if you don't have a lot of past reviews or shared alot, I probably won't pick you.

How Much Does the Cost?

The cost is Only $35. And Trust me, the price is minimal compared to what you be able to earn. Just 1 clickbank sale or 2 France CPA offer conversions will more then pay for the cost of the e-book. I think the price is More then fair and you can pay using either Paypal or Bitcoin.


Bank Gold V2 Absolute Social Domination is a 100% New, Unsaturated, Social Domination method that pours money into your CPA and Affiliate accounts like wildfire.

Brand New Never Before Released Method to earn 1000's!

I am going to take you by the hand and SPOONFEED you exactly what needs to be done. I will literally take you step by step from start to finish and explain exactly how you start earning 100's of dollars per day.

Within The first 2 weeks of implimenting this method, I was making 5,000 a week on Clickbank.

This is a fully complete 32 page - 12 point Times new Roman Font ebook. NO FLUFF.
I could have easily streched this e-book out to 100 pages with bigger font like many of the other sellers do, but I decided to keep it real, this is page after page of knowledge.

Join me as I take you by the hand and show you how myself and others that I taught this method are doing over $1000 on some days with MINIMAL work.

I am not kidding, this e-book can be the reason why 2016 is the year you finally make it online.
I am offering 1 price, Full Skype Support is included for all those who buy.
In this e-book there is Over 100 Golden Nugget tips included to guarantee that you have exactly what you need to succeed.

To this date, I am currently use this method to pay all of bills.

This method is un-saturable. No matter how many people buy this e-book, there will be money to be made for everyone.

The method is easy to use, all you have to do is follow my method and put in some hard work. You can get away with an hour a day and still make a TON of money.

This method is Instant and also LONG TERM MONEY - You work today and build up yourself a REAL business that you can use to earn money OVER and OVER forever! Stop wasting your time working on methods that only get your short term results. Get results from my new method INSTANTLY and reap the benefits for months....even years to come. The leads you generate will be yours forever!

This is method will work for advanced users and even complete Newbies. I take you by the hand and tell you exactly what needs to be done.

You Will Receive Bank Gold V2 Absolute Social Domination Instantly after purchase

Terms of Service:

- Upon purchase, you agree to the following Terms of Service.

- No redistributing or leaking this method at all.

- No Refunds

- All actions taken by these methods are not my responsibility.

- In regards to the PayPal policy - a chargeback results in a scam report.


How long until I start earning $xxx?

You can start earning as soon as you purchase this eBook. Once you get everything setup and ready, you can start generating massive leads, conversions and traffic for Free!

Will this work if I live in any country for any experience level?

This will literally work for anyone, anywhere. There's no limitations, you can be advance or newbie, and as long as you impliment the method, you will be able to bank HARD!

Any investments?

No, you do not have to invest anything at all, only your time. You can invest in certain things to help the process along and to scale it up and take it to the next level. Everything is explained in the e-book.

How much money can I earn?

Depending on how much work and how much time you put into the method, you can literally be earnings 100's a day within a week.

Do you offer any help or support?

I was going to charge extra for support, but I decided to include free support for anyone who buys this e-book during its launch via Skype!

Skype: socialgroupmedia

Check here to see my latest earnings on Clickbank from around Christmas time:

[Image: IcG4o8i.jpg]

[Image: Vx8Q2eD.jpg]

Why would you share a Method if your making so much money? Won't it get saturated?

The reason I am sharing the Method and writing this ebook is not only because the "Sea" of Social Media is so big and vast, that there is actually enough room for all of us to get a piece of the pie.

No matter how many people do this method, there is literally over 1 Billion people using Social Media daily in over 200 countries that is impossible for this method to get saturated.

I also want to help out and get to know some new people. I've learned a lot over the past year and made some good money, but I've always kept what I've been doing to myself, but that only left me alone and when everything was said and done, I had no one to work with or talk to about new ideas. So I'm opening up and sharing a legit method that if you put it to action will without a doubt earn you money and build you up some lifetime leads.

The method will never get saturated as long as people are still using social media.

How much can we seriously earn with this method? How much can I earn when starting out?

In all honestly, you should be able to earn $100+ in first week easily even if you only work on it a little bit. The longest part is getting it setup, but once you have everything setup, the rest is straight forward and very easy. Then as you continue on, the earnings only grow. On my second week of using this method I was able to earn over $1000 and by week 3 I had my first $5000 week using it working only a couple hours a day on it.

How do we get traffic? Do we need to pay for traffic?

This whole method is about generating unlimited traffic for free. You will never have to pay for ads or pay to get traffic. This method teaches you to use what you have and set up a system that can generate you a flow of traffic that you then capture into a lifetime lead.

A lifetime lead is when you engage and capture a user so that you can market to them multiple times over and over.

Its scientifically proven that it takes people up till there 3rd to 5th time seeing an offer or product before actually completing the offer or making the purchase.

This system keeps that in mind and lets you make as much as you can for interested leads.

When you send a user to an offer or product page, 95% of the time they just leave. Once that user leaves, you never get the chance again to get that commission or sale. You are Wasting your traffic and throwing away a good user who actually took the time to click if you do it this way.

My method teaches you how to take the users that actually "click" and keep them so you can market to them until they convert.

How long will it take me to earn money?

If you follow the method that I have so detailed-ly laid out for you, you should, could and can earn really good money in a couple days. If you put in a lot of work towards the method, you can scale this method and the lifetime leads you capture into a long-term business that you can do many things with in the future.

Whats Included:

- Complete 32 page - 12 point font ebook explaining everything needed to start earning $100+ per day

- Golden Nugget Tips and Tricks at the end of the ebook that come from a couple months of testing this Method to save you time and give you all the short cuts you need to make it work.

- Complete walkthrough of the process - I teach you how to go about collecting Lifetime leads and how to convert them on you CPA offer or Product offer.

- How to get unlimited free traffic without having to use ads

- Start working with a System that allows you to monetize a lead Multiple times and squeeze every last dollar out of them for months

- Once you get going and have everything setup, you will have an epic Social Media Empire.

- Learn how to Build up a massive list of leads

- Teaches everything from start to finish thats needed - From account creation to what your website should look like.

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2016-01-28, 03:11 PM,
Premium thread listing thread.
2016-01-28, 03:31 PM,
I would like to take a review copy. This sounds very intresting
Good luck with sales
2016-01-28, 04:15 PM,
I'm interested in a review copy!

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2016-01-28, 04:18 PM,
do you still have any review copy? count me in if you have ;)

[Image: adludum_banner2.jpg]
2016-01-28, 04:52 PM,
Can I plase have a rewiew copy? I will give my opinion. Thanks :)
2016-01-28, 06:58 PM,
Is there any review copy available? I would leave my honest review about the product. LMK
2016-01-28, 09:26 PM,
If the review is not yet taken,i would like to take it especially i am into clickbank and jvzoo :)
Will post an honest review of what i think and repost after i take action (y)

GLWS mate :)
2016-01-28, 10:01 PM,
I appreciate if I can get a review copy, thanks in advance
2016-01-28, 11:16 PM,
will wait for reviews before buying. please if anyone has been given a review copy. tell the truth if it works or not!!!

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