About torrents...? (full info about me) and 3 ideas...
2013-12-16, 08:59 PM, (This post was last modified: 2013-12-16, 09:03 PM by cokyboy.)
Hello all,

I am on dreamcash from 6 months I think and I used only torrents.

I am not desperate to put 100 torrents per day, I even not have total 100 torrents. Now I have only 50 torrents (really really lack of time).

But I am glad as I get money from torrents even from past 5-6months.

My highest month was ended with almost 200$ (yeah I know is less, but for what I done and for torrents and for me is good).

I also learn all I know my girlfriend and he got a bit more than 100$ in 3 months, this month she have already 30$ :D

Ok, now my question, do you know any tips and trick about this method. Should I continue using it? Is a waste, is good, is working? Can you achieve more than 500$/month from this method?

I'm really interested also, because I tryied and asked and seach (but nothing) to make something more real.

So I want/have an ideea to put directly (like a normal torrent) and when open it to be legit.

My ideas and what I look for:
1. I think this is the easy way: passowrd protect it. (but remember without archive, directly on the file)
2. Trying to put sound and video (cut from trailer for example at movies) in the first seconds, after that do not wokring anymore and appear a message or pop-up or something that is needed a codec (here you can combine with ppi also).
3. In my opinion the hardest way: to have a relationship in cinema or just to look for (example) "cam" and edit the movie directly and to cut other sounds, to increase the quality, to remove (if needed) the chinese subtitile (or anything else), know what I mean? and put it like a dvd-rip or Brip. Here you can go for private trackers also and on TPB also because will be legit.

What you think of this? Is possible any of this 3?
Do you have any other ideas, tips&tricks?
(I make around 5 torrents per month, but I make them really good, with full description, hd trailer - not youtube link, hd images and official covers and so on...)

My only niche is: movies.

Waiting...And thank you for your wisdow, I am really the noob here.
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2013-12-16, 09:03 PM, (This post was last modified: 2013-12-16, 09:04 PM by Calisthenics.)
I say stop doing what you do and concentrate on bigger projects.
I mean, uploading hundreds of torrents just to earn $200/month seems like a total waste of time to me!

Think about it, you will never be able to earn big because every day the majority of your torrents will be taken down thus making you have to do all the work again!
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Silverdot(2013-12-18 08:47 AM) 
2013-12-16, 09:05 PM, (This post was last modified: 2013-12-16, 09:05 PM by cokyboy.)
Hey, I don't use any tracker that not allowing what I do.
I follow the rules man ;) so only trackers that are allowing this or without account.

Please read all I wrote, you was seeing I have torrents from 6 months up!

Also is not a waste of time, again if you read it my post carefully you was notice I put ONLY 5 torrents/month!
2013-12-16, 09:22 PM,
Its ok as long as you host your torrens on your vps.

[Image: banner300x250.png]
2013-12-16, 09:31 PM, (This post was last modified: 2013-12-16, 09:31 PM by alexparris.)
set a target like 20/30/50$/day
2013-12-16, 09:47 PM,

Why to load them to VPS? (it cost much, and will cut more from my earnings.) In my hope my personal computer is almost 16-18h online. So for some hours more I let him 24/24 (but at night goes in sleep or some mode, but the only exeption is internet and bittorrent to load). My computer after 6 month working as same (very good). My internet is also very good and my bill, I don't know, I never notice any changes :))

I have my target at 500$/month (for now is too high to go even with 20$/day, I think 5$ per day will be good in the first place).

But I asked questions specific, will be nice to ask to them if you know.
Tips about managing my time and other stuff no need, as I am at Bussiness and Economy faculty (year 2) and at Law (year 1), also I was co-admin and admin in some sites online (gpt, ptc, forum, etc..) as my experience online is 5 years (if I think more is 6 years)..


But thank you all for interest.
2013-12-18, 07:36 AM,
So, no one knowing anything about this :(
2013-12-19, 05:47 PM,
Giving a BUMP , hope I don't brake any rule.
2013-12-19, 09:03 PM,
Actually, idk. Depends how much time you spend daily.
2013-12-24, 04:27 PM,
I'm still waiting for something here :)

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