About to tackle a rough niche. Any tips? [Journal/Log]
2013-06-24, 01:06 PM, (This post was last modified: 2013-06-30, 10:26 PM by Satisfaction.)
Well I just got this idea for a niche, but it appears that I'm not the first. I'm not all that good at ranking, but I figure this would be a great lesson. I'll be posting here what I did in case I end up getting on the first page, that way you all may learn as well! If you have any tips for me, please feel free to leave them here or shoot me up a message!

[Image: 3mZ9E.png]
Main Keyword

[Image: 3mZaQ.png]
Keyword followed by the word "h@ck"

[Image: 3mZ7y.png]


+ Began Project
+ Downloaded IMSlave Link Blaster
+ Created/Verified YouTube channel for the niche w/ keywords in channel name
+ Created FaceBook page
+ Created HQ VB Program for niche. Used a nice theme + paid attention to detail. Integrated Facebook/YouTube in VB application.
[Image: 3qana.jpg]
+ Did some research, planning, and thought of a few more ideas on how exactly I'll be tackling this niche.
+ Letting Traffic Exchange Bots run. Currently have: Hitleap Premium(8k), Vagex Premium(4k), Enhance Views(120k), and u2bviews(2k).

+ Finished Program. Integrated Facebook/YouTube/WordPress
+ Optimized channel by adding description, links, and other things.
+ Created WordPress blog, found theme, and made post. Fixed it up a bit and uploaded file to adnooka. Took a lot of time..
+ Made plans for tomorrow: Create video, create several other blogs,
[Image: 3qaiX.jpg]
[Image: 3qak1.jpg]

+ Created Video/Finalized Blog
+ Pinged+Meta Submitted Blog and Video
+ Decided not to boost views/likes/comments for a little while. Gonna wait a while before boosting. Video is a bit more than 2 minutes, so I'll be stacking up on EV credits as well as purchasing BigBuddy's Views from BHW.
+ Did some planning, tomorrow I'll be creating 5 blogs, 1 video, and using my that 1 video on 3 of my YT channels. All that's left to do is that and a bit of ranking and I'll soon be nearly done!
+ Sidenote, made $38 today on Adnooka! Most I've ever made in a day, thanks to my older niche moving to the 1st page!!!
[Image: 3qWy1.png]

+ Created 2nd video.
+ Added a lot of tags to 1st and 2nd video
+ Bought some HR views from ViralSocials and sent them to both videos. Waiting for videos to be approved. After a few views are delivered, I'll start my other means of boosting.
+ Pinged + Indexed + Created a few backlinks for my blog(s) and my videos.
+ Stacking up on credits now. Made a few plans for the future, really learning a lot from this.
+ Got a bunch of traffic already, hoping this is a good sign. Got a couple of leads also, which is also good I hope.
[Image: 3rRxy.png]

[Image: 3rRzT.png]

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2013-06-25, 01:26 AM,
I would love to see your progress with this :)

[Image: dYDFISG.png]
2013-06-25, 01:49 AM,
Yeah ! For youtube check my post ( Check sig. ) and read tutorials on the forum about SEO a lot ! It'll help you so much.
2013-06-25, 01:53 AM,
Goodluck with this, make sure to keep us updated on your progress.
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Satisfaction(2013-06-28 01:54 AM) 

[Image: 415x155.png]
2013-06-25, 02:00 AM,
Yeh mate, keep us updated!
Looks like a little challenge for yourself.
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Satisfaction(2013-06-28 01:54 AM) 
2013-06-25, 02:50 AM,
I'll start making the video later on today, I'll keep a log so that you all may learn as well!
2013-06-25, 02:56 AM,
Is that broad or exact keyword? I think you should go with lower keyword option. 3 million searches is way too much IMO.

[Image: Cq7OnC1.png]
If You Don’t Build Your Dreams, Someone Will Hire You To Help Build Theirs
2013-06-25, 05:23 AM,
(2013-06-25, 02:56 AM)Nuutero Wrote: Is that broad or exact keyword? I think you should go with lower keyword option. 3 million searches is way too much IMO.

but hes not ranking for that keyword, hes ranking for the 45k keyword
2013-06-25, 08:23 AM,
I am looking forward to seeing how this works out. Definitely keep us updated!
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Satisfaction(2013-06-28 01:54 AM) 
2013-06-25, 08:58 AM,
It appears I'm all out of credits. I'll begin uploading the video tomorrow, or later on today. In the meantime, I'll be stacking up on u2bviews, hitleap, and enhanceviews credits.

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