A Small Journey By Alex
2014-11-21, 06:20 PM, (This post was last modified: 2016-10-28, 09:12 AM by alexparris.)

i just made more than $60000 alone in last year 2015 through only white hat projects
& i am not going to do any ppd projects in feature

read my final post here :

/closing this thread

Thank you

A Small Journey By Alex

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Its like 2 times i have started journey's but i stoped both times, lack of confidant or i dont know
I allways read latest tutorials, guides, seo tricks etc but 98% i dont take a single step i know what you are thinking yes i am **** btw i stoped doing ppd since last 7 months currently i am earning completely autopilot from last 7 months as you can see, really i just now checked on youtube, if i start work again really man damn again youtube upload? i am sick of that from long time, so this time i wanna try seo 65%, 35% youtube, for safety yes is Big Google(penguine, panda, humming bird, wt*is next ^^) can change lifes in single day! i dont wanna tell my old stories how i started check here , etc i started IM without single penny as like you, while unlist method ruling the youtube i simply hate my self well i just hated ppd - uploading videos everyday i worked like robot/machine before so i take god damn break of 7months funny thing i am still earning without doing anything because some of websites ranked, youtube videos alive dont mind its just stupid story i think some of you faced this situaion like me for youtube!


I purchased Gsa, i used like 2-4 times last year, well i purchased every seo tool when i have money, like senuke ( i used mostly this one last year) , scrapebox, capthasniper, captha breaker so i dont have problem with seo softwares, i have good enough time beacause i am not student and i am not married yet ^^

Possible Targets

  • Clear my bank debits its around $ 8500 = DoNE -
  • Earn 60$/day On PPD [x] = DoNE
  • Reach 150$/day on whitehat project before december 2015 if i fail must reach before 2016 = DoNE

Impossible Targets

- Save $ 60000 from whitehat projects only - before 2016
- Close this thread [x]

WhiteHat Project
The problem with whitehat projects is you cant earn quick money, really painful if you dont earn anything there is only key that is do your work honestly without expecting anything in first 4-5 months
Yes i am working since longtime on 2 whitehat projects, from last 1 month i am working hard for the project 2, and for project 1 i never tried honestly,i just work 2-3 days then i will stop that my mistake, i cant discuss more about those 2 projects now, because its just disaster haha, you can check how is these project earnings on earnings tab, thats why i called it as disaster, but this was the most joyful work rather than ppd, If i got success here i move my 90% of my daily time into this projects, i have another project in my mind but i feel its hard i cant take a step but i will try soon@

From last couple of months i haven't invested anything, just hosting, Well the expensives currently around below $175 - 250 or less, thats include, VPS, proxies, Indexing, Yt Accounts, capthaservices, gsa premium list etc

Frequently Asked Questions


2014 - 21 - November - started

its Long Journey i update when there is decent update available pls dont bump THX
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2014-11-21, 06:29 PM,
Most of us started out without a single penny Alex so you don't have to worry about anything. And its great to see you're wanting to come back again and again and split test traffic from both Google and YouTube this time. Trying something new is always good. Wishing you all the best in your journey. Just remember, 'No Impossible Targets' Grin
2014-11-23, 02:04 PM,
Good luck with your journey bro. But do t say those two goals are impossible, who knows if you work hard enough you may achieve it before that time span. Mitpat is a great example, he started out as a newbie like us and within 2 years he earned millions, just remove those "impossible" word and try hard to get as far as you can :)

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2014-11-24, 11:48 PM,
wow, soon (i hope0 ;P) i will be earning like you :)
2014-11-25, 02:01 AM,
Good Luck with Your Journey mate!

Hope you succeed!

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PM Me After You Signup
2014-11-25, 02:35 AM,
Good luck. I hope you will reach your journey sooner.

There are 10 kinds of people. Those who understand binary, and those who do not.
2014-11-25, 05:22 AM,
Wish you luck with your journey, just work hard and never give up! And yea, modify that sentence with targets because everything is possible mate :)

Best regards
2014-12-29, 07:46 AM, (This post was last modified: 2015-02-08, 04:50 AM by alexparris.)
Update 1: Dec 29, 2014

i was not active since last 30days Finally i came here to update my journey thread after long time with a small update to end this year!


- i left youtube completely i am getting 85% traffic from G
- i dint build any new niches, this month i run few churn and burn campains for fun one of my website ranked in 2nd age, giving around 10$/day, like i will test few other niches in january

-> i moved my Niches fileice to cpagrip and i optimized my website
here the result - john is great guy

[Image: d7d6be7eaa648ae3d866391d078a2852.png]

for next few months i gonna take break on ppd, for couple of months, i will just spend 3-5 days (but i work hard during theese period, i like to rank few websites in 2015 using gsa & other methods , i will setup the campaigns during these days only) , i gonna fully concentrate on my whitehat project from on jan upto end of the year let see, i just need $1000/month on ppd thats enough for me, i dont have any intrest in ppd right now, my main thing is work on my Wh project, the ppd money is just autopilot

- Coming to Whitehat project the current earnings was like 20$/day - i worked nearly 10 hours day this month really its hard part than ppd but i actually like this morethan ppd! so i dont worry its 10 hours or 15 hours i love what i am doing!!

:- Any Tips?

- try to learn seo rank your niches
- they are plenty of methods to rank ur websites
- current hipe was buying pbn links, buying pr links, quality post = rank in 1st page - if you dont have money at least get gsa, good list, ur churn and burn like test test,...
- Try rank your fb pages in google 1st page in 2015 not only fb & other resources like test the methods...

@ i will update this thread when there is decent update/i dont update for next 10 months but i wont stop updating this during my deadline peroid - my final quotes - before leaving
- without passion there is no life
- failures are part of life if you dont fail, you dont learn anything, if you dont learn you'll never change.

All the best for 2015 Everyone - this is my last post here in 2014 & advance happy newyear & bye
2014-12-29, 09:42 AM,
good luck mate.I also test my YT/PDD method.I'll start my journey soon if it works :)
2015-02-08, 05:04 AM, (This post was last modified: 2015-02-14, 01:58 PM by alexparris.)
"wts the point of this post? ' updating my thread, both ppd and wh earnings , share some cool tips & future updates"

Update 2 - Feb 8, 2015

its been long time i didn't updated this thread since last 45days, i like 2 update now
PPD earnings increased because of new year maybe (cpagrip working great for me rightnow) these are january earnings

[Image: 4000.png]

Coming to good news 'my whitehat project reached 100$/day mark (its very hard thing i nearly worked 10-15hours/day to reach this goal from longtime)

- Currently i stoped doing ppd, i got that money from the pages which ranked on google well i dont stop completely its one of major income thats useful to buy softwares pay bills etc & i am investing my whole time on my whitehat project, my main target is 150$/day from WH, hope it come soon before december, the ppd earnings will decrease soon !! i just need 1000$ from ppd

Feature Updates :

i will update this thread when there is good/bad, i will clear all my bank debits on next month (so i will reach my 2nd target on next month i reached 60$/day on ppd that was first target) , i will start saving money on upcoming months - to reach my impossible target (save money from only whithat earnings)
so there is only one target - my impossible target - earn $60000 from my whitehat project so there is no possible updates on upcoming months_ the money came from ppd i keep it on pocket ^^ i will post a update probably on april end after cleared all my debits, so there will only 2 targets (reach 150$/day fro WH project, save $60000 from that) There will be Only 2 Updates

Any tips ? :

there is not only youtube out there, you can use other resources like "Reddit"
you can rank your niche pages in lessthan 3 days make a account, create a post, send some quality backlinks (tier 1) for tier 2 (send mass backlinks, 10K + ) it will rank in less than 1 week ofc u must have to index)
there is not only reddit u can try this method on any web 2.0 sites

stop doing youtube only
Good luck

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