A Complete Newbies Journey to Earning
2015-04-30, 04:24 AM,
Hello my fellow CPAElites members.
I decided to make my own Journey thread. I have been reading other peoples Journeys and they sort of inspired me, because I thought to myself, at one point all of these people were in the same boat I am in, The Newbie Boat. But after working hard, and putting the time into it, and I don't mean just a few days, I mean really putting time and effort into their earning ventures, they are raking in 100$+ a day, some people more!

So, this is where my Journey begins,

I am brand new to internet marketing/ppd/cpa/etc, but I kept seeing stuff about it on YouTube and sites like that, so I decided to check it out.

CPAE was the first site I stumbled upon while searching for CPA guides. And I am so glad I did. There are so many nice people here, willing to help and give advice to newbies like myself.

My first few ventures will be whitehat, I am hoping if I actually give them what they want it might help with my earnings.
I am going with Micro-Niche sites, with YouTube videos as my traffic source for now.

I will also be doing some blackhat niches as well, but they will come a little later down the road.

RIght now the Networks I decided to go with are CPAGrip, and CHeersfiles.
I plan to use CPAGrip for my whitehat and Cheersfiles for my blackhat.

I am open to any advice and tips whatsoever. I also have a few
Like, I am trying to figure out On-Page SEO, if anyone has any tips for that I would greatly appreciate it, also SEO for your blog posts, I am not 100% sure how that works.
I will be using blogger, but I have my own domain that I linked to it, so it looks more professional.

Right now I am setting my goal small, since I am still in the process of getting the blog up and making the video, so it may be a day or two before everything is up and running.

However, I will post daily, just to keep everyone updated, and hopefully I can show another newbie that it is possible with proper dedication, for anyone to earn decent money.

  • $5 a day consistently for at least one week. - Incomplete
  • $10 a day consistently for at least one week. - Incomplete
  • $15 a day consistently for at least one week. - Incomplete
  • $20 a day consistently for at least one week. - Incomplete
  • $25 a day consistently for at least one week. - Incomplete

I will increase my Goals as I reach the lower end goals.

I wish everyone the best with their own earnings.
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2015-04-30, 04:38 AM, (This post was last modified: 2015-04-30, 04:41 AM by TheWolf.)
Good luck on your journey, mate. It's good to know that you will try WH niches. Hawk Eye recently shared an onpage seo guide. It may help you :

Try to stick with one method until you see some results. One of the main reasons of my failure in CPA marketing is I jump from one method to another. Also schedule your CPA tasks. Otherwise you will find them taking too much time.

There are 10 kinds of people. Those who understand binary, and those who do not.
2015-04-30, 05:01 AM,
If you are new to the game I suggest you to just focus on just one traffic source, either Youtube or SEO. Trying to focus on both is not a good idea, if you are new you will achieve better results by just dedicating your time and effort in to one main source of traffic only. I can suggest you 2 things for now:

1) Don't do SEO to your website - This is not a very good option if you are a beginner and you will need to learn A LOT to do this, you will also in the majority of the cases need to buy backlinks that will cost a lot of money if you are in a competitive niche. In my honest opinion, I would start working on a different method for traffic and when I have learned a lot about SEO I would than start investing money and effort into it.
2) If you decide to do SEO on your website use Wordpress instead of Blogger - The reason for this it's because the Wordpress platform has a lot of plugins available that will facilitate on-page SEO for your website and have a lot more options in terms of customization in comparison to a Blogger website.

Hopefully these tips will help you in your journey and good luck with your goal, it seems very achievable if you put work and effort in to it. Something that will benefit you a lot and you probably have heard it a lot it's, work smarter and not harder.
2015-04-30, 06:44 AM,
Thanks to you both for the information.
I will probably stick with YouTube for my traffic for now, and just study up on SEO so when I am ready to use it, I will have the knowledge to put forth.
Also, would either of you know any of the YouTube views/likes/etc sites that still work? I know YTMonster does, as Well as Enhanceviews. But any others would be great.
I'm also reading some guides right now as we speak to get past the 301+ views, so if anyone has tips on that, Id be more than happy to listen.

Again, than you both for your input and support.
2015-04-30, 10:28 PM,
Got some really nice videos up today.
I have them leading to my Whitehat Landing pages.
Will keep this thread updated as I go along.

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