A Cautionary Tale:To those sitting comfortably upon thy throne.
2014-03-14, 09:25 AM,

A Cautionary Tale

Ok Boys and Girls
I'm going to get a little personal.

I wanna talk about HUNGER
More specifically Staying Hungry
Even more to the point
Always remaining Hungry as it applies
to your Craft!

Act 1

Personal Bombshell

I stopped being that for a minute...Hungry!
Yes, Committed one of the cardinal
sins of this or any other Industry
be it Sports,Entertainment,Business or Whatever.
Started thinking the fumes from my past
successes would carry me through the Day.
i.e. began sadly to rest on my laurels a bit.
Not completely but doesn't have to be that
much resting, Just a tiny bit is enough....
... Enough to leave you in a vulnerable position
lose you way,relinquish your title,fall viciously
from whatever grace you figure you had attained.
See as with any competitive Industry their is always
a Hungry pack of competitors waiting,drooling,rubbing
their grubby hands- lol...in anxious anticipation that
you will do just that......Then they will Proceed to Pounce.
Tis what they are suppose to do!
You can never blame the opposition from trying to
take the lead,it is your Job not to relinquish it. Period.

So gotta back to the Pit, the Battlefield, the origins from
which you Sprang....HUNGER!

Now you guys may have noticed that I haven't
been as active as of late,the reason being,
Devourment!... or as Merriam Webster would so eloquently
lay it out

Definition of DEVOURMENT
: an act of devouring

I'm talking about devouring information
as I had become accustomed to and
what kept me ahead of those aforementioned Packs
of Young Guns and shrewd Old heads.

No I'm not talking about reading a bunch
of methods.
What I'm speaking about
studying processes and procedures
Shifts ,trends,Industry developments,
deep probing Niche research and analysis,
daily probing for the slightest shake-ups
that would or could effect how I proceed with
that days agenda.
Talking about Doing Mad Dog Daily researching
like a Feral Beast Protecting his territory,attacking his
prey and mauling his adversaries.

Yes lost that edge just a bit...But No more!
My mode has become Beast-Barian
Half Viscous feral Beast half Blood thirsty
leaving carnage in my wake Barbarian

lol, well that's a little Dramatic but I think
you get my point.

So in closing I will just say this
if you ever find yourself one day
falling off just a bit, sitting at the
head of the big table admiring the
feast before you.... and just barley touching
and picking through it a bit...
Just remember this always, There are those --starving--
waiting in the wings for you to dose off and will
have no problem seeing that you awaken to a
a tablecloth full of nothing but Crumbs - lol


Bad news is I am no longer Hungry
But the worst news (For some unsuspecting Kings)


(Pieced together by SwiffJustus)
[Image: The+BeastBarian.jpg]
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