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8 Things You Must Have Before You Quit Your Job
2018-07-03, 09:42 PM,
I know that depending your financial life with the online world it's scary, right?

In the mean time it's a thing that all of us want to do? You want to jump on it as soon as possible?

However, I know personally (IRL) and also read a lot of stories when people just like you did a huge mistake.

They left their 9-5 job just because they read a post on Business Insider how a "College Drop Out Starts Million Dollar Company" and a lot of other intriguing stories.

Well, some of them are true and some not.

Recently I read a great blog post that talked especially about this phenomen.

I bet you read this before you take a decision whether going full time online or not.

#1. You Know How Much Money You Need to Survive Each Month

So, for one or two months, track all your expenses, and when you’re done, divide them into two columns: essentials (food, rent, utilities, debt payments, etc.) and luxuries (Netflix subscriptions, nights out, etc.).

#2. You’ve Earned Enough Side-Income to Cover Monthly Expenses for Five Months Straight

Now, once your side income meets your minimum income goal, you may be tempted to send your resignation letter straight away. But if you’ve earned a consistent side income for five months straight, you can feel confident you can keep it up once you quit your job (especially since you’ll have more time on your hands).

#3. You Have a Financial Life Raft That Will Sustain You for at Least Six Months

To avoid a crushing financial crisis, you’ll need to save up enough money to cover your essential expenses for six months minimum. It’s the smart entrepreneur’s contingency fund that’ll give you the time you’ll need to get back on your feet or, if necessary, find a new job.

#4. You’ve Had Your Side Gig for at Least Six Months, and It Still Excites You
If you’ve already worked on it for six months alongside your day job, and you still feel that ping of excitement, you’ll know it’s what you truly want. On top of that, you’ll also prove to yourself you have the self-discipline to succeed.

#5. You’ve Written down Your Short- and Long-Term Goals

Doing this means you’ll stay on the right track to business success. If you ever find yourself struggling to meet your goals, you’ll discover it in time to change direction, and not too late to avert disaster.

#6. You’ve Mapped All Your Activities for the First 12 Weeks After Quitting

You need to establish momentum early on, which you can only do through consistent and continuous action. So your best safeguard against productivity sabotage is to plan with military precision.

Type up a detailed twelve-week action plan, so you know exactly what you’ll be doing each day — starting from day one. Then, start doing. It’s your recipe for success.

#7. You’ve Identified Two Alternative Work Locations
Prepare yourself with a list of at least two alternative work locations that enable you to be part of a crowd while working for yourself. Look for local co-working spaces and coffee shops that offer free wifi.

In many cases, sitting in a coffee shop for a few hours each week as you tap away on your laptop can be the perfect antidote for loneliness.

#8. You’ve Recruited at Least Three People for Support and Accountability

It’s impossible to survive, let alone thrive, in the entrepreneurial world alone. If you’re serious (and I know you are), you simply must surround yourself with people who support you and people who hold you accountable.


Hope this at least shed some light on the right decision you will take.
2018-07-04, 05:10 AM,
Nice share. I personally do not have enough financial to live in 5 months without a job and I think I should work several months, save more money before I quit.
I hope it will not take me years, lol. :(
2018-07-04, 07:13 AM,
It was a good read, even I thought of quilting job and fo full-time IM, but we should be aware of the problems we may face after quilting the job.
2018-07-04, 12:09 PM,
Well said, Agree with you mate.
2018-07-11, 07:38 AM,
I agree with all of the points man, well said!
2018-07-15, 11:03 AM,
Very good points mentioned, One should know about it if they are thinking to leave their job for CPA.
2018-07-22, 10:18 AM,
Well said buddy! We must know this..
2018-07-26, 07:42 PM,
Good topic man, Good words, This will help people who is thinking to quit their job for IM
2018-08-02, 03:20 PM,
Good topics mentioned, I also not have such a good financial condition to leave job.
2018-08-06, 03:52 PM,
Good tips man, We should be aware of this.

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