$50k CPA power since 2012 - my honest thoughts on the networks I've been with!
2014-02-10, 10:50 PM,
Hi guys,

the intention of making this thread should be sharing my impressions I had over the networks I've been with in the past - which I tested to a high extend and with a solid volume of traffic - to maybe help out people which are still unsure on which network they want to join.

Notice that this is not to understand like a pull towards one network or against another. The choice you will make should remain individually and just because of something performed better or worse for ME that does not mean it will be like that for YOU as well.

This is just a personal view from my side, means, by someone who already made a decent amount of money on cpa networks and has been in that area around for quite some time.

Not mentioning a network by the way simply means I've never been with them, so I can not tell anything about these.

The order of networks is sorted by my join date:

1.) FileIce:

That's where my story began. I forgot how exactly I got there but I think I just saw many screenshots of earnings, so I became curious on how they make money there and joined. I am actually one of the people who joined the beta I think and started up with many terrible months like most newbies where I only earn 0-2$/day. :)

I improved my websites though and thought about ways how to get more traffic rolling, and I noticed an incredible upswing back in June 2012.

I was literally going to sleep one day and catch myself a day later on the top of their leaderboard (which is a great feature to have) with like 200$ or something.

I managed to stack that up to days where I could reach over 1000$/day - considering that FileIce was my first network and that they paid me every cent of my earnings I am glad with the time I spent there.

But my great feelings towards FileIce were mainly reasoned in the fact that I did not know any other network at the point I joined there, and I did not even know about CPA and the CPA/PPD difference. I just thought there are probably more websites like FileIce (I knew sharecash) and the they just perform better than anyone else.

With where I am now I wouldn't say that's true anymore.

In FileIce I had around 0,05 - 0,08$ EPC for my monster niche. In comparison to the values I know now I'd say that was slightly below average. You need to keep in mind that I had a great landing page with around 2500 unique visitors online at the same time, leading to like 100k uniques for a whole day - it forced me to buy a dedi as my shared hosting cancelled my account for CPU overload.

So there was definitely a good motivation of doing surveys.

Now, FileIce has two admins: RadarX and opc44.

Most people don't know it, but opc44 is actually the smart guy behind coding features and managing offers while Radar promotes the website itself and does moderating things.

I can say they had some kind of skill of selecting good performing offers from more than one network (bad ppds only broker from one lol) so a pro for them is the variety of offers and that you don't have to do anything yourself (like disbanding bad performers).

But that's also the bad side:
If you wanna go rly deep with CPA you WANT to do optimizing yourself and have that feature possible, as well as be able to see every single offer and their stats. That's how CPA and PPD make the difference, and why the CPA networks are better for the experienced users.

The problem as I see it is that FileIce became more and more inactive - you can tell this already as they barely communicate in forums like this and the website pretty much is close to where it was when I joined the years ago - I see not much of changes, but of course there could've been some in the backend.

I wanna point out though that I only left FileIce to a CPA network because opc himself told me about better rates on these - so when I was earning high he might have felt sorry for me and literally told me in the chat that the CPA ones pay better.


Pros about FileIce:

- Never had any issues with them, got paid completly
- Using multiple networks for offers = variation
- They optimize for you
- Had somewhat of a nice community + leaderboard

Cons about FileIce:

- Lower EPC/CR (for me, and I tried them a year)
- Missing CPA quality features like full offer control
- Stats could be displayed better
- Delayed payments (forgot to mention that but every payment
was delayed, not their fault though I believe, but it happened)
- Only one payment per month
- Seems a bit inactive to me (not confirmed that one)


2.) AdworkMedia:

As told, due to what I've been told I changed to AWM. I was impressed to see suddenly all that stats, the details, just everything looked more interesting, therefore I enjoyed logging in to AWM way more.

First of all it seems extremly professional.

The payments are announced and come in regular schedule, there was never any slight delay.

Their support are really fast on the inbuilt ticket system and in a detailed way helpful.

For example one of my first requests was to have a custom redirect if a country had no survey - this feature did not exist in AWM at the moment I asked for it.. what happened was, that Dennis took the time to manually code that into my content locker and suddenly it worked out. So they actually did a service for me there, rather than just giving an answer or a suggestion on how else I might fix this.

That is what I'd call an incredible support.

I noticed that my leads converted more often and the EPC was better, I was at around 0,10 - 0,15$ EPC now - I admit I was never a beast with that , I see people making 0,30 and more but compared to the experiences with FileIce it was like 1,5x times as much.

As in FileIce I managed to do a 1000$/day in AdworkMedia but I needed a lot less clicks for that, thank god.

Also every day I logged in I saw new offers being added and more than once a week a feature change or update in the AdworkMedia system itself (like offering more mirrors to make sure adblock would not block your lockers)

Not to forget their amazing promo codes which increase the performance of high earners ( less of average earners though ) , for example boosting with another 10% on my earnings is pretty nice. Might be I have around 500$ just with promo earnings.

I noticed how my schedule got updated to bi-weekly and could receive more payments than just once a month.

I wouldn't have changed the network at any time, if I would not have noticed significant drops by end of 2013. Sure it might have to do a lot with my traffic but it also seemed to be partly even lower than the FileIce days which scared me. Suddenly I caught myself in 0,02$ EPC days (and notice I still got tons of clicks) so maybe some good offers got lost. Maybe it also was a whole industry effect and I only noticed it on AWM.

I would never say they are bad, there could have been many reasons for that, but it made me think about changing networks again.


Pros about AWM:

- This support. As far as I know they are just two affiliate managers,
yet they are fast and helpful!
- Really good rates (until the change happened, but it could still be rly good)
- Offer variation, also really good for internationals
- Promo codes, yay!
- Detailed stats and tools to make professional work possible
- Payments in time!
- Payment updates if you earn well (like bi-weekly)

Cons about AWM:

- The drop I mentioned
- 3% Ref comission :( (it was already rly hard to even get refs since they dont accept everyone)
- Missing a bit the community interaction FileIce had and some other networks also come up with a chat or something


3.) CPALead:

I've joined CPALead mainly cus of reading about it and because they had a great history (inventing content lockers!).

I've noticed they have around 2000 or 3000 offers already ALONE which is incredible, twice as much as like any other network I tried so far - but here also comes the difficulty:

Having that overload of offers can make optimizing hard ( I could also only see pre-made options like sort after EPC / CR instead of manually disabling offers or forcing offers to be used every time if possible )

I rly like if I can set options for each offer which did not seem to be the case in cpalead.

Something great is the InstaPay, you can get a payment which doesn't care on ur net30 just by requesting that, pretty nice unique feature there.

The rates of EPC/CR seemed to be average for me, so it definitely can be worse - though it also could be a lot better with more control on it.

Now CPALead gave me two problems:

1. Support:
I don't want to call it bad over all. The support is existent and they are there and answer your questions or requests. But first of all they take pretty long , I usually need to wait 2-3 days for even small issues like to get a name in the chat (before it was just 'null' ).

Also the delay is less problematic than the way they handle things. I usually get a reply like "hold on" and then I can kinda wait until I get a "We are looking into that" - so I'd feel a bit missed out.

My recommendation would be to just not give a reply until a bit of time can actually be managed into it - I'd rather wait a while without a reply and then receiving the help of the issue than get a reply which lets me wait for 2 more replies.

That could be a way of how CPALead could handle things.

2. Bad Leads breakdown:
Well, they show you that at laest. But it seemed to be a bit high for me, in a trial of one month I got around 35 bad leads while I had none on other networks or just very few. Now, bad leads are normal and that's what just happens in the industry and with the advisers. I guess it's not even CPALeads fault, it's just a bit unlucky with some offers.

Yet it happened, so I have to mention it here.


Pros about CPALead:

-InstaPay! :)
-Hell a lot of offers
-Acceptable rates
-5% ref
-Lotto (unique fun thing in the chat which actually can give u money)
-Long existing network

Cons about CPALead:

-Support sometimes takes too long and "dodges"
-Could have a bit more detail in how I wanna have my offers
-Bad Leads were a bit too much for my opinion


4.) IncentLock:

Only signed up when they started for a quick look. They seem
to have a professional team, a detailed stats page and some
solid support.

What I was missing at the point are surveys, I basically only saw
PIN submits, but I guess they've been updating them.

To write not something completly pointless I logged in recently to check the changes and in my opinion I still miss some surveys - for example some countries such as turkey don't even have surveys at all , while this is covered in AWM, Cpagrip, or cpalead.

So I guess my main advice to them could be a bit more offers espacially
non pin-submits.

I'll update the incentlock section if I research more about them.


5.) CPAGrip:

As some of you know I am currently with CPAGrip so that must have a reason, right?

I tried this network out randomly and I think it was a pretty good catch.

Overview seems to be close as good as AWM or even better in some points, I get stats on all the important things I know and have a nice dashboard.

So far on CPAGrip I could hold the best EPCs for myself around 0,15$ EPC. When I joined I noticed incredibly how almost 60% of my US traffic was directly becoming leads, so they seemed to have some powerful offers there.

Sadly this became a little worse now, same for my EPC, but it is still solid.

The support of CPAGrip needs to be highlighted here. I only know John Wilson (the main affiliate manager) and it may be that there's only him for support, but he is doing a great job.

I'm used to that he does not reply instantly which is okay - but he usually gives me the reply which I need. Like finding out how to bypass the adblock, updating my payments, developing new features.

I actually gave him the idea to make a country redirect in your content locker, if u have some bad performing countries and wanna use that traffic somehow and don't just lose all these clicks and he says he's going to implent that.

That would be kinda unique for a network to actually implent stuff on request , so I hope it happens, looking forward to it.

It's also great for referral programs - Accounts can be switched over, new registration is easy, and you get the full 5% - I have decent earnings just from them already.

A nice chat lets me stay in contact with the other earners there and see how they are doing.

CPAGrip has some issues with several countries such as turkey which go close to 0% conversion with 1000+ clicks (lol) , I know I can't expect these countries to convert at all but CPALead and co. had that at laest a bit covered, however John told me this would also be updated in future.


Pros about CPAGrip:

- Amazing dashboard
- Full offer optimization possible (can disable single offers as I like to)
- Great tools , content locker, LP design , etc.
- Solid rates
- Outstanding support
- Best for referrals I'd say

Cons about CPAGrip:

- Some countries do not perform :(
- AdBlock might be tricky for new users, you have to talk to an experienced user or to John to make sure to not lose traffic on that!
(would be nice here to select mirrors such as gripped.biz in your
content locker options already)
- Maybe (need to investigate on this) not 100% stable with the good EPC as I noticed it to be a little lower than usual even for the great countries, but I go check this out and will update eventually, I think so far It's still fine


Thanks for having the read and I hope you get something out of it :)

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2014-02-10, 11:20 PM,
really great reviews, pros and cons
helps some members to choose or to try good one

and in fileice i like this con "Seems a bit inactive to me"
yes they are, they promised for lots of things in forum but 80% of them is still not available
fileice is good network but require a better redesign in features
2014-02-15, 06:49 PM,
Really nice reviews there mate!
2014-02-15, 07:11 PM,
I am using FileIce and CPAGrip. Awesome networks. Can you try the "new" sharecash? A lot of people are recommending it.
2014-02-15, 09:15 PM,
Awesome review mate, but could You on Your opinion tell us what is the best network from all You have been involved in. Thanks in advance.

I am not going to be outworked. Period. You might have a lot more talent than me, you might be smarter than me, you might be sexier than me. You might be all of those things...but if we get on the treadmill together-there are two points: you're acquiring off first or I'm gonna die. It's seriously that simple.
2014-02-17, 12:14 AM,
Great thread and thanks for sharing some real honest reviews.

Need Awesome Conversions Join This Network
2014-02-17, 12:17 AM,
(2014-02-15, 07:11 PM)iSn0w Wrote: I am using FileIce and CPAGrip. Awesome networks. Can you try the "new" sharecash? A lot of people are recommending it.

I wish I had a perfect answer for that, but its rly individual - however for 2014 I say CPAGrip - might be I'll change my opinion one day, but that's it for now
2014-02-17, 10:55 PM,
the total information is true
nice bro

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