"30 Life Lessons I’ve Learned in 30 Years."
2014-12-05, 05:29 PM,
Please note this post was written by Charles Ngo, my favourite blogger and one of those real guys who is making millions yearly only from CPA/affilite marketing.

1. Don’t Compare Your Life to Others’

I’m not sure what the key to happiness is, but comparing your life to other peoples’ lives is the key to unhappiness.

We’re the social media generation, and everyone’s trying to portray his or her life more exciting than it really is (me included). It can get depressing because it looks like everyone’s kicking ass at life and you’re sitting at home eating Cheetos.

Just remember that you don’t see the full picture; you just see the side people are showing. The guy who has that fancy car is leasing it, and he’s in severe debt. That happy couple? She’s sleeping around. The girl who looks perfect? She has had plastic surgery, and her photos are heavily photoshopped.

How can you compete against that?

The only person you should compare yourself to is you. Become better than the person you were last year.

2. Growth Happens at the Edge of Your Comfort Zone

True growth happens when you’re feeling uncomfortable.

Do the same thing, and get the same results. If you want to get stronger, you have to slowly increase the amount of weights you’re using.

I see too many people settle for average because, basically, they like being comfortable. Our brain and body are designed to be comfortable.

Growth requires you going into the unknown, and that could create a sense of danger. Growing means you have to make a conscious decision to go against your natural instincts.

I moved to Bangkok a few years ago because I wanted to grow. I’d been in Atlanta for 26 years at that point and knew I’d gotten too comfortable. I moved to Bangkok and it was great, but I already had a huge social circle before I even stepped foot in the city. I needed to take it to the next level.

I wanted to grow even more, so I decided to move to Vietnam. I didn’t speak the language. I didn’t know anyone. Within a year, I picked up the language and built a strong social circle. Now I know I can move anywhere in the world and be fine.

Think about things you fear, and do them. I’ve skydived and done standup comedy. Last month, I walked on coals at a Tony Robbins seminar. I’ve done scary things and survived. It gives me this deep, inner confidence that I can handle anything life throws my way.

3. Numbers Will Tell You the Truth

It’s easy for us to lie to ourselves. Whenever I want to improve a part of my life, I keep track of the relevant numbers.

•Want to save more money? Start a budget, and keep track of your expenses.
•Want to change your body? Log your workouts, and keep track of your diet.
•Not sure where the time’s going each day? Use a timelogger app to track your time.

Treat your life like a scientist. Look and analyze at the data.

4. Change How You View Failure

Failure is such an ugly word, isn’t it? People think of failures as an indication they are not smart or good enough.

It’s ironic because you need to fail to become great.

I don’t let failure bring me down because I know it’s part of the process. I just ask myself what went wrong and how I can improve.

You won’t achieve anything in life if you’re scared of failure. Know that no one is keeping score of your failures. Everyone is busy fighting their own battles.

And remember this, you only have to be right once. If you fail a hundred movie auditions but you land a big role in the Hollywood blockbuster, you’ve made it. No one cares about the number of times you failed to get there.

5. You’re not Entitled to Anything in Life

Our parents told us how special and smart we are. Like a character from the movie Fight Club said, we grew up thinking we’re all going to be rock stars. And then reality hits.

You’ve graduated. You have student loan and credit card debt, and you’re not making enough money to afford vacations and a nice car. Wasn’t life suppose to be amazing?

Well, it can be, but it’s completely up to you. You’re not born special. You become special.

Sure some people have more advantages than you from birth, but that’s not an excuse to not try to become the best version of yourself. Be patient and work hard.

6. You Will Have Critics and Haters

“To avoid criticism, say nothing, do nothing, be nothing.” – Aristole

I started off as an engineer at Georgia Tech. After two years, I decided to switch to business. Typically, people make fun of you for doing that because it implies you’re not “smart enough for engineering.” In reality, I realized that business was my passion.

A few years later, I was ready to quit my job to go into affiliate marketing. I didn’t have support from anyone. “Why would you leave a stable job? Can’t you do it on the side?” people would say.

Well, some of my fellow employees were laid off a few months later, and and I might have been one of them. They couldn’t understand because they didn’t have the same standards I did. I felt like a caged lion.

Some people didn’t like me in Atlanta once I started becoming successful. I didn’t understand why. I was nice and helped everyone out. If I see someone else is successful, then it motivates me because one of us made it. But not everyone feels that way.

People don’t hate you because of what you did, but because of how your ambition makes them feel. People are lazy and insecure. It’s easier for them to bring others down, than to bring themselves up. They don’t like it when you raise the bar because they know they can’t keep up. When you do amazing shit in your lives, it makes them feel average.

What should you do when you have haters? I just ignore them and get to work. If they hate me now, then wait till they see where I’m at in a few years :-).

Most of the time, the ones who resent you are your biggest admirers in denial. Life is harsh, lets have more hugs and less hate.


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2014-12-05, 09:10 PM,
Thank you so much. Honestly its one of the best things that I have read since morning. I feel like I needed this. I can never make a budget, or control money. Neither can I manage time. These are the two weaknesses that I must get over. lol I wish I had a personal Accountant :P
2014-12-06, 01:10 AM,

that was some good motivation packed in this thread!!
Good thread mate and subscribed to that blog :)

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