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$20/day by the end of November - Karupoiss Progress
2013-09-09, 02:32 AM, (This post was last modified: 2013-11-02, 03:14 PM by Karupoiss.)
Hello, I have made money with CPA and content locking before in the movies niche. Now I want to try to do it in games niche using YT + Blogspot. The number $215 is calculated with realistic data I have had. I took into consideration the more modest scenarios to get this number.

The goal is more than just the money, the goal is to learn working. Yes, learn. I believe it's a skill like any other. My plan is to create 3 niches every day + 1 hour for my other side project. I have calculated that atm, I can create 3 niches the fastest in 4 hours. That means I plan to work every day for 4+1 hours. I have never worked like that before and I think it's the biggest thing that has held me back from moving on with my life.

I plan to create 1 blogspot blog, 1 application and 3 videos for every niche. I will plan to promote only 1 of those videos using HR views or not promote them at all. My goal is to get 4 visits per every niche I create per day. I hope it's realistic. I know some blogs will not get any visits at all but I hope some would get more than 4 and that the average would be atleast 4 visits/niche/day.

I will be using s h a r e c a s h for content locking. I have heard that they are stable, the oldest and respectable network. I chose ppd because I don't want to hassle with choosing the offers and replacing the non-working ones for international traffic. If the EPC is really bad, I will test the traffic with Adworkmedia and make a decision then.

The end date for this first month goal will be 9th of October.

I will try to update this thread as often as possible but I assume on some days I might not have time or I am very tired. Working 5h/day is something new to me and I assume it will exhaust me quite a lot in the first month.


So, today I did niche searching, found 10 niches. I have no idea if they are good or not but looking at the search results, a lot of first page videos had many thumbs down.. so, people are downloading the stuff. I also did my side project. I am testing how fast I can humanly do it. Took me 45 minutes today. I was not able to create new niches today because hostgator was down the night, they migrated to new nameservers and I freaked out in the morning cause all my sites in other ventures were down and I was loosing money. Spoke with the live support for hour and a half. Fortunately my sites went back to live after that. I did uploade two videos for my niche. Yesterday, I created 3 niches. I will write the stats for them here.

Niches created: 3
Total visits today: 4

[Image: 07-09-2013.png]

The 3 extra visits are from one niche I created day before.

2013-09-09, 02:41 AM,
good job op, ure doing great so far ;)
2013-09-09, 11:53 PM, (This post was last modified: 2013-09-09, 11:53 PM by Karupoiss.)
Thank you for kind words and motivation!


I am really proud of myself that I managed to keep up with my goals of creating 3 niches + 1 hour for my side project. My first niche was created in 1h 16m today and the third in 1h 4min. I want to test myself with every niche, to get faster and faster. You should see me, I am burning these "alt+tab" keys on my laptop

The most time consuming is creating the blog and video rendering. My computer is almost 5 years old so..

I managed to do my side project with 36 minutes today, yesterday it was 45, the day before 50. I don't think I could do it any faster though than that, kinda impossible.

Total niches created: 6
Total visits today: 26

[Image: 08-09-2013.png]

The CTR is lower than I thought it would be. Only 25% clicks on the offer. Could the appearance of the locker make a difference? Also, for me, the sharecash widget is loading really slow, sometimes like 2-3 seconds even after clicking the button.

2013-09-10, 12:39 AM,
Rendering -.- man i hate that word keep up the good work it paying off
gotta a simple question do u actually rank u video in a day or that clicks are from non ranked videos ?
2013-09-10, 01:07 AM,
Thank you! I haven't boosted anything, I have just uploaded and "forgot" them. I will plan to boost 1 vid/niche later.

2013-09-10, 01:38 AM,
You should move from Vegas to Camtasia, Render is x10 faster and most of the things need to make a niche in vegas is possible with Camtasia.

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2013-09-10, 10:37 AM,
not bad, i use camtasia, its a great product for video and some edits i do in Final Cut Pro on my Macbook Pro.Although i feel lazy to work on new niche specially video but i guess thats the only to go ahead.
2013-09-11, 12:43 AM, (This post was last modified: 2013-09-11, 12:44 AM by Karupoiss.)
I am using Camtasia.

Today was boring, just grinding out these niches is tedious and seeing little to no results is even worse. I created 3 more niches and 9 videos + my extra project. I am a bit discouraged as I am not getting that many clicks. I don't know how much time I will have tomorrow but I will try to create 3 more niches and then order new yt accounts and views to some of my videos. The thing is, I need likes at the same time and my addmefast account currently doesn't have any. I have to bot them fast..

Total niches created: 9
Total visits to the sites today: 15

[Image: 09-09-2013.png]

Out of the 17 impressions 3 are mine.

2013-09-11, 08:25 PM,
Ok, I calculated the number of visits I am getting and the amount of work I am putting in and it did not make me happy at all. The numbers will be at the end of the post. I decided to check how many results are there when typing in my niches keywords. Five out of 9 were very hard to rank (above 30k results in youtube, some had 400k results). Some videos were ranking but on page 4,6,2. Those were the ones which had search results around 1k-20k. So, I think this would be the ballpark for me to test. I will add 5k HR views and 100 likes (maybe social signals also) and see if their rankings improve. I really hope they will cause atm.. I am getting almost no traffic at all.

I ordered 100 new yt accounts today but I have not received them yet. I will have to buy VPS and set up a addmefast bot there. I have bought one a year ago that is updated but it's pretty shit.. hogs memory like crazy and earns way too little. I had one firefox script that worked well but I have to search where that script is and if it works anymore.

I am thinking of finding niches with really low competition, like..under 5k search results and see if I can get visits that way. I am happy if I get 10 visits/day from those niches but I am afraid it would be more like 2 visits.. will see.

I will change my work scedule also. Instead of creating 3 niches per day and getting 1-2 visits/niche/day, I will create 1/day and then spend the rest of the 3 hours or so searching for good niches, boosting the videos etc. I think this way the proccess will be more interesting and profitable.


Total niches created: 10
Total visits to sites today: 12

[Image: 10-09-2013.png]

Out of those 16 visits 3 are mine. 12 visits over 10 niches and 30 videos isn't quite the result I was going for.. even in my most modest plans.

2013-09-12, 01:28 AM,
you are really good in this and i enjoy reading your post, you should be a blogger :D

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