[1 YEAR UPDATE] Made $275k Before My 18th Birthday, Dont Know What To Do With My Life
2018-01-22, 12:56 PM,

So in my original post I said how I made $275k+ before my 18th birthday and now I have $180k+ sitting in mutual funds but I don't know what to do with my life, here's an update almost one year after making that post. 

I tried getting back into Affiliate Marketing. I had a Ryan Hildreth guide to affiliate marketing on facebook that I followed. I promoted a beard product as my first niche, but got my ad account banned after 2 weeks of doing it. I tried getting into trading alt crypto's but I had no luck on that. I held a lot of my positions way too long and ended up losing money. I tried getting into lending platforms, then I realized they were ponzi schemes. I bought a few ICO's but most didn't pan out. 

I'm really having no luck with anything. I really want to do affiliate marketing but I'm not sure what direction to take. Really just looking for any advice here. I work hard and just cant get out of this stump. Would greatly appreciate it.
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georgeh(2018-01-27 07:59 PM) t4nk(2018-01-22 05:33 PM) 
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2018-01-22, 03:31 PM, (This post was last modified: 2018-01-22, 03:43 PM by CharlieHarper.)
I know the situation to feel a little "empty" after you have done your work, reached your goal and finally made big cash.

I used to make my first Million with 27 already. And I had no clue which project to do next, I simply didn't find any real niche/method. I tried some, but it never felt like before.

I'm permanently investing into projects now, I sometimes buy ideas and platforms to monetize them, trade with keyword domains and such.

Currently I do Reverse Engineering with native iOS and Android apps ("native" = where no website exists), code bots to automate tasks and monetize the platforms.

If I were you I would look for some really HQ coders to support them: real programmers (C++, C#), no scripters (PHP, Python, NodeJS, Scripts), no macro clickers (iMacros, ZennoPoster, Ubot Studio, BAS) with many skills and more than 5 to 10 years experience. And make sure to get some proofs of their work they did over the years.

A perfect coder could even find platforms, niches and methods to monetize, e. g. with a bot system. But the perfect coder normally doesn't have the time and/or skills to run these bots, but this could be outsourced of course. So the perfect coder could take care about the next platform, niche and method to multiply your earnings. A perfect coder uses his own framework for years, ask him about it.

Please be aware to select coders that stick with you for years. Some coders from tier 3 countries tend to disappear after they received the money or failed with providing updates.

Good luck!
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Digital(2018-01-23 10:06 AM) Anonymoose(2018-01-23 06:35 AM) t4nk(2018-01-22 05:33 PM) 


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Then you'll have more time to sleep. ;-)
2018-01-22, 03:33 PM,
This is really a big amount. Congrats and good luck !
2018-01-22, 08:20 PM,
Good job mate!! Stay here I am sure you will learn to make good money in affiliate marketing ! ;)
2018-01-23, 07:09 AM,
Social media marketing is interesting, you might want to try it.
2018-01-23, 09:55 AM,
I am into affiliate marketing and I can help you with that.
Pm me or add me on skype: abhijith.nair91 (Let me know that you are from cpaelites, otherwise may not accept you lol)
We can have a good chat about it...

Cheers :)
2018-01-24, 09:28 PM,
Since you have money to invest, You can start working on a niche and invest in social media and other traffic sources.
2018-01-25, 11:53 PM,
THat is nice to make that amount of money, You can invest the money in affiliate marketing to scale it up.
2018-01-27, 08:00 PM,
Nice & Congrats on making that amount of money, I will follow the thread.
2018-02-15, 02:23 PM,
Hmm, it seems the OP disappeared again. :-(


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Then you'll have more time to sleep. ;-)

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