2018-04-11, 04:51 AM, (This post was last modified: 2018-04-11, 10:23 AM by SwiffJustus.)
This Post is for Educational, Experimental, Exploration & Money Making Purposes in General !
And not as a Suggestion For Implementation ON THIS FORUM in particular !! 
Other Forums that are not IM Forums work pretty much the same way,
Only without the additional IM competition Wink


"The Art of Self Reliant Marketing"
[Image: exchange-money.jpg]

Greetings My Fellow


[Image: image.jpg]

So, I was just Thinking (Oh Oh) Shock

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2018-04-11, 04:51 AM,
IMPORTANT: Users are encouraged to check all downloads including: landing pages, PDF's, and anything else that requires a download. Ensure the thread creator has provided a virus scan before downloading anything, if it's missing go ahead and report the thread by hitting the (Report) button located below the fold. Please read this thread: Here to learn how to check landing pages for sneaky redirects.
2018-04-11, 04:53 AM, (This post was last modified: 2018-04-15, 05:05 AM by SwiffJustus.)
2018-04-26, 11:48 PM, (This post was last modified: 2018-04-27, 02:24 AM by SwiffJustus.)
See this is kinda what I was talking about....

[Image: WILSON.jpg]

Now, Though I can't confirm it I am willing to bet a member of that standing on a Forum of some worth could probably demand Mid 4 to 5 Figures for that simple post from some companies. This would be considered a sort of Influencer post  Like I discussed here https://www.cpaelites.com/Thread-Under-T...ence-Money
Now as the question seems a legitimate one, The Web Source a relatively decent and helpful one and his Standing in the Community a HIGH one.. this would probably not be questioned as much as it probably would if it were posted by some others.. and I Agree Totally with that this is the way it should be..He put in the work and added a lot of value to that Forum and for anybody to have a Problem with that is either being a HATER OR GREEDY..and for them to say it shouldn't be allowed for any other reason is Bogus, Just like I agree some folks would try to abuse this, BUT, By it's very nature that won't likely Happen because nobody's gonna really pay someone of no standing to post a link of their company on a forum unless it would be for a backlink and well they just don't work that well on that type of post too much anymore..  

But Like I said there are lots of other forums that are not filled with Internet Marketers so Spread your wings, Go out and build your Brand on some other types of Forums and Get that MADE MAN MONEY..

Now I Know we're not suppose to post are mention competitive Forums By Name or Link and I didn't but yes that is a similar Forum for the purpose of example and I made sure to leave off forum Name as per the Rules and RESPECT to our Great Owner and Community and to do that type of thing ,Not saying that he did..Or Didn't..But you would probably have to have Big numbers like that to stand out on these types of Forums and No so Much on Other types of Forums, Soooooooo I am Actually Discouraging the Idea of doing on THIS Or Other Forums like this and think Outside the Box ...GOOD DAY FOLKS
2018-04-26, 11:52 PM,
Well said, Nice read. Thank you for posting.

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