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Look At What Other People Are Saying:

Quote:My name SpK and I'm the creator of YouToobMe. Two weeks ago Vlad and Stoica showed me for the first time Mass Video Blaster, and asked me to give it a test.
I was amazed to see that the system is so simple and with Mass Video Blaster is almost on autopilot. In less then one hour I had 4 videos ranked on top position of YouTube. The next day I was stunned when I saw that 3 videos had over 2000 views and the other one had 600 views and I worked only 5 minutes to achieve that.

Mass Video Blaster is a must have for anyone in the YouTube marketing niche

Quote:This is really a piece badass software. And the upload and download were super fast and it only takes a few minutes to upload 30+ videos. Its a no brainer to purchase this and drive Traffic to your sites. Hope that you will sell only limited copies, Vlad.

Quote:I must say that I will never look at you tube the same. The sky is the damn limit with this software. I make most of my IM money from youtube before using this software, this tool takes the cake when it comes to scaling.

Quote:I am using MVB probably the best tool out there it`s so simple to use it and time saving software without this i was making around 5$ a day working and searching almost manually ! it really changed the game!

Quote:I must say that when I first got my beta version of Mass Video Blaster , I was a bit sceptical about this method, but since I knew that CPA Blaster worked pretty good for me I said W%# let's see what is all the buzz about.
I've started searching and uploading some videos with MVB, I was still searching for other videos to upload when it hit me , the first video I've uploaded was already grabbing views. The next day my Facebook fan page got over 1000 fans from that video!

I must say this one of the best tools I ever tried!

Highly Recommended!
Rico Steel

Quote:Been through 11 updates so far and it's getting better and better for quick campaigns.
It monitors your vids and returns the number of views, its position on YT based on your keyword and re-uploads it when it's deleted.

Quote:This software is very different compare to the competitors. It has different features such as spintax text for titles tags and descriptions so you can make your videos unique on the fly.
I highly suggest you buy it.

Quote:I'll say Mass Video Blaster is really cool program, and will save tons of your time. What i did love about this software were, you can use this effectively for "sniper" targetting.

Quote:Your Product and Customer Service is OUTSTANDING! I am not one for writing reviews but I have started downloading a few hundred videos and have already seen my traffic increase, amazing! Support these guys, MD is pure quality.
michael jay

Quote:Freakin' fantastic software, I'm starting to make a healthy second income that only takes 2-3 hours a day to work on, thank you!
Thanks guys,
Blaster Suite Member For Life

Quote:This is an EXCELLENT piece of software that I recommend to everyone who is in to the Youtube marketing. In the space of a few days, only using it to upload about 20-30 videos per day I have managed to get 30 subscribers but best of all 10,000 views.

Quote:I have Reviewed this stuff along with My Tests. First Time ever I am writing review here on MMD Though i am here on my from last year or two. So, here are my Honest words for this tool. [...] Designing and layout of Tool is perfect. Speed is awesome no problem at all.

Quote:I used to use this software a while back (couple months), and made some serious cash with It, and I mean I was having $100+ days a lot of the time, and there was never a day I didn't make at least $50 with MVB. Wonderful software with great support and forum, and the software was always kept up to date
Nicholas H

Quote:Mass Video Blaster is a very good software, i use it myself and it saves me time while uploading, cloning, and editing texts descriptions on videos, plus it have tons of other features included. strongly advice you to get it

Quote:The software is very good, the developers update it regulary. You can mass upload/download, make videos unique, managing all your accaunts and proxies with different campaigns, add annotations, reupload removed videos. The tool worth the money for sure, because you can automate a lot of tasks

Quote:How this tool helps you Free traffic! Everyone loves free traffic. You can go the difficult Search Engine Optimization way or use the alternative... Youtube! Getting ranked on Youtube is a lot easier then on Google. There's no sandbox to worry about or having to constantly write articles everyday. You set it once and you're done with youtube. Youtube is a ZERO COST METHOD! Once you have this tool you will -and I don't use this lightly- DOMINATE Youtube. This is the ONLY youtube tool you need to buy.

Quote: I'm using this software for 100% whitehat purposes using only videos I own or my clients own. It's making the job of creating new channels, uploading content, backing them up and maintaining them 100% easier.

Quote: This is an amazing value. This software should be much more expensive. If I can't make thousands with this then I need to get out of Internet marketing. Thanks for developing such a cool product.

Quote: This is an awesome tool! been using for awhile now. I wont hesitate to buy any of sodevrom's products in the future.[...]I made approximately $1300 so far

Quote: It's been a while since I'm using Vlad's software, and here is what I can say about it:
Let's start from the beginning - I didn't know anything about YT, yet I was really curious about finding tactics to leverage this huge potential traffic, so I began with searching about that topic. After a while I was almost discouraged when I accidentally stumbled upon Vlad's thread.
I thought "What the hell, I'll buy the monthly license", yet I was really skeptical about it.
First thing first, I paid and after few minutes got my login info and download link. So everything went smoothly. Also I was introduced to 2 ebooks which were explaining basic and advanced tactics on using YT to gain traffic and make money. I read them both and I shall say I was impressed.
At the time I had only 30 accounts which I bought a while ago for other purposes, so I started downloading and uploading videos like crazy. Everything was going OK, but the software lacked some key features I was wanting so I decided to contact Vlad and ask him if there's any chance to add these futures.
To my astonishment Vlad responded within an hour (I'm used to wait at least a day) and he listened carefully to everything I wanted to say, and then told me it's very possible to incorporate what I wanted. The futures were:
- Proxy Support with possibility to bind IPs to Accounts
- Account checking on import
- Cleaning accounts from videos (deleting all videos from particular account)
As you can see these are not the easiest things to incorporate so I thought it will take a while, but again Vlad surprised me and over the course of 2 days everything I wanted was in the program (remember I am paying month for month - silly I know )
After a while I'm already seeing results. I used one of the tactics form the Ebook with a slight twist (NO PMs please, I'm not going to reveal it) and it's working well considering everything I need to do is click 3 buttons

Let me RECAP:
+ Easy video finding and sorting + 2 other sources for videos
+ Video Uniquer ( 2 ways, both working like charm)
+ Easy Uploading with proxy support with IP binding to ensure your accounts won't get banned
+ Campaigns in which you can use only particular Accounts
+ Quite a few settings to make your life even easier!

PROGRAM RATING: 9.5/10 - Just because I don't want Vlad to stop developing the software!
+ Easy to reach
+ Quick response with particular answer to the questions, not just fluff to get rid of you
+ Personal touch for each and every client
+ Ready to help on matters not directly connected to the program itself (Please don't abuse this one!)
SUPPORT RATING: 1*10^n/10 (hint: this is infinity out of 10 ) - I've been using a lot of software and services and by far this is the best support I've ever seen. VLAD DON'T DROP THIS EVEN A BIT!
OVERALL RATING: 9.9/10 (Told you, just to prevent you from quitting the development streak!)
THANK YOU VLAD for developing such great software and telling me how the hell I should use it
As it was discussed earlier in this thread - THE SOFTWARE WON'T GUARANTEE YOU MONEY, YOUR BRAIN WILL!


Quote:A Must Have Tool For Any Serious YouTube Marketer

I have been into youtube marketing for about 2 years now, and the main reason is Mass Video Blaster. Vlad and Stoica made The Holy Grail! I made so much money with that tool, that it was unreal.
So I was very proud to be chosen for beta testing PRO version of this great tool.

Lets get started...

Key new features that I like:

1. Designing and layout is perfect. You can easily and very fast find your way in it. Its very easy to use !
2. You can manually assign accounts to any campaign you want with ease, also you have the option to always use fresh accounts first when uploading. Thats very useful when adding new accounts to your old campaign.
3. You can see web browser when you are using browser simulation mode, so you can determine why there is an error with some account if there is any.
Youtube occasionally loves to throw some stupid errors that makes you think your accounts is suspended when its not.
4. MVB PRO have the option to simulate human behavoir before uploading, like subscribing, viewing videos etc. This option is the best and most important for your accounts to stay alive for a long time.
5. You can set random delay after upload which also adds to randomness of your accounts
6. MVB PRO have statistics module, where you can see individual statistics for each of your campaign (views, videos, disabled accounts). This is very useful to see which campaign is performing best, and which niche you should scale.
7. You can set custom browser type (user agent). Choose from 4 major browsers: Opera, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Chrome. This also adds to randomness of your accounts.
8. MVB PRO can generate audio from description for your video. This option is very cool when you don't want to use microphone, just type in the description what you want to say and MVB PRO will do the rest.
9. MVB PRO have built in proxy scrapper and multi threaded proxy checker. It's very useful if you are working with proxies.
10. There is a lot more new useful options like mass import and export with custom format, delete videos from youtube, mass duplicate videos, multiple actions at a time, change thumbnail of the video, generate captions from description...

It was time for me to get on the next level in youtube marketing, and this tool gets me there !
Its time for upgrade and if you guys want to make some serious cash blasting youtube videos, then grab your copy and make $$$$$. Simple as that !
Never underestimate the power of Youtube.

Quote:Here you are:

I got a invitation from Vlad to test his new Mass Video Blaster Pro, and here's my impression.:

First of when you start the software, you can see that it has a very clean design. Everything is well placed, and makes sense. I imported my YouTube accounts, and while in Beta Vlad has fixed all the problems that it had in the beginning.

Now, if s.th. doesn't work, the status shows you exactly what the problem is.
So importing accounts, and binding to proxies works very flaweless. One can also mass import lot's of accounts, and of course, bind to specific proxies.

It's also nice, that you can see how many videos, and how many channel views each and every account has got.

# Section statistics:
This looks very cool. It shows you a graph where you can see how many videos you have, and how many views you got on which day. Works perfect.

# Manage Videos:
Setting up videos is very easy. Spinning the titles, description, and tags is supported. Also you have extra tags which you can use, if you have downloaded other videos from youtube, to use original title, tags, etc.

# Upload Videos:
This is now the main function. After you have set-up everything, say 50 accounts * 2 videos, you can easily schedule everything and the software does what it's supposed to do, so in this case, uploading 100 videos with a few clicks.

Thought what really makes this software special, is the amount of options that you have.

For example:
- Choose between API upload, or browser simulation
- You can change later video details
- Disable comments & ratings if you want
- Use several threads at the same time ( if you have a big upload rate & smaller videos, very usefull )
- Edit the videos like with "change audio with random file from folder.:", add image watermark, cut between x seconds from the intro, append your own intro video, ..
- Use annotations
- DeatchbyCaptcha support, or manuall input

All in all, I think this is the best software I have seen for mass uploading videos on Youtube, aswell as keeping an overview on all project statistics.

I can already see long-tail videos ranking both on Youtube & Google top 10, so I think one can really make some serious stuff happen with this, which I will definitely continue to use.

Think of lot's of lot's of long-tail keywords + a way to automate the video production. One way would be to make one video for an ecommerce store, for each 1.000 products to start, then see what your statistics have to say, and your income :)

Rinse & Repeat!

Last but not least, support is awesome! Vlad has fixed several problems very fast, and I'm excited to see what else is coming to make our life's easier.

[Image: buynow.png]

Latest updates:
Version 1.69 - 31.07.2014
Quote:-Added 301 Unlist method so you can start adding views to your uploaded videos directly from MVB Pro.

Version 1.70 - 04.08.2014
Quote:*Added the 301 Views option. You need to upload the video as unlisted (or unlist it manually), then use Other Actions->301 views. Then list the video back. This option will remain in MVB pro until YouTube patches it, SO ACT NOW!
*You can now do "Add 301 views" and "LIst" at the same time. Make sure to select that in Other Actions
*We speeded up the 301 views feature, it should work a lot faster
*When uploading videos, we now splitted the disable comments & ratings in 2 options. So you can upload either with disabled comments or disabled ratings
*When it fails to pump 301 views, in the logs you will see the reason why it failed
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jhvenky(2015-01-04 01:46 AM) OldPva(2014-08-01 10:40 PM) makroserver(2014-08-01 06:55 AM) 
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2014-07-31, 05:53 PM, (This post was last modified: 2014-07-31, 05:55 PM by blastergod.)
Hello guys,
About 10 minutes ago I released version 1.69 with the 301 Unlist method.

So now, with MVB pro you can do EVERYTHING!
Here is a screenshot that shows what you can do with your videos after you upload them (using MVB Pro):
[Image: extra_features.jpg]

Don't forget, with MVB pro you can:
a)Download videos
b)Add them to MVB Pro
c)Assign accounts to the videos
d)Upload the same video multiple times
e)Add watermark to the videos

After you upload, you can then do other actions on videos.

Good luck!
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jhvenky(2015-01-04 01:46 AM) 
2014-07-31, 05:57 PM,
(2014-07-31, 05:53 PM)blastergod Wrote: Hello guys,
About 10 minutes ago I released version 1.69 with the 301 Unlist method.

So now, with MVB pro you can do EVERYTHING!
Here is a screenshot that shows what you can do with your videos after you upload them (using MVB Pro):

Don't forget, with MVB pro you can:
a)Download videos
b)Add them to MVB Pro
c)Assign accounts to the videos
d)Upload the same video multiple times
e)Add watermark to the videos

After you upload, you can then do other actions on videos.

Good luck!

I'll let that one go as your new, but, that is seen as bumping. If you have updates they belong inside the main thread do not bump it with new posts. Wont matter to much by later as my new system will be in place and this stuff will be blocked. Until then please respect the rules on my forum.
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blastergod(2014-07-31 05:59 PM) 
2014-07-31, 08:35 PM,
This is the solid piece of software. I am using this for youtube.

[Image: ytsrcpae_500x90.jpg]
2014-08-01, 06:32 AM,
this is a killer piece of software i have been using this since it first was released and just seen that they added 301 booster which is amazing this blows any other youtube software out of the water
2014-08-01, 07:31 PM,
Nice, now that the 301+ unlist feature is added i will probably be using the software more often. Thanks Vlad!
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blastergod(2014-08-04 02:05 AM) 
2014-08-04, 09:51 PM, (This post was last modified: 2014-08-04, 09:51 PM by VladSEO.)
This is and awesome software. I have got a 30 days trial but I'm thinking to buy it when the trial ends. Goodbye manual uploading, hello mass uploading! :) nd the best part is that you can rank unlisted your own videos without stealing from others anymore. Big vouch for this!
2014-08-08, 02:54 PM,
Nice to see here man(sodevrom)! Good luck with the sales
2014-08-09, 01:54 PM,
Thread is now live. This is a paid premium listing and brief checks have been made in regards to ensuring the content is not breaking rules. Please note - Staff including myself are not subscribed to threads in the marketplace. CPA Elites hold no responsibility to any purchases made on this forum.
2014-08-09, 02:56 PM,
Good luck with sales Vlad! I've used this software before and you can easily rank on first page with the 301 unlist method with the mass upload feature.

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