2013-05-28, 12:49 PM, (This post was last modified: 2013-05-28, 12:50 PM by StewieGriffin.)

Hello, today I'll share a simple method to earn a couple from CPA/PPD.
It's basically simple and would work only in the time the niche is hot but the income is worth the time you spend in making the template.

In this method we will be using upcoming events in which I've used the past Oscars Academy Awards.

The secret in this method is being early in making your sites/templates to promote.

An example of my template is http://85thacademyawards.blogspot.com/


1. My niche was the 85th academy awards or also known as Oscars. During the oscars people will be looking for live stream as they are in work or may not be able to see it on TV. Which leads to my template, a live stream site.

2. The video players are fake and images just to attract users and make them believe it's a live stream site..

3. There's a hidden youtube video in autoplay to convince users that the livestream is going on. (You can ask me how to do this.)

4. Upon entering the site, a locker will popup that will require the user to login using facebook or complete a survey.

5. The earnings will depend on your promotion. I used facebook, twitter, SEO, and mostly youtube. And here is the result.

[Image: skTC2FH.png]
* Earnings will clearly depend on your niche and how you promote.

* Target HOT Upcoming events.
- Manny Pacquiao Fights
- NBA Finals
- Soccer Games
- Wresting
And many more.

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2013-05-28, 12:53 PM,
So you didn't make anything off the site lol? Since the link is a pastebin
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honeydew(2016-04-08 06:13 AM) 
2013-05-28, 12:57 PM,
(2013-05-28, 12:53 PM)Razer12 Wrote: So you didn't make anything off the site lol? Since the link is a pastebin

I edited it to prevent someone from stealing all my niches.
2013-05-28, 12:59 PM,
You can only earn from it on 1day :s
2013-05-28, 01:01 PM,
(2013-05-28, 12:59 PM)ReadByte Wrote: This is a great idea, thank you for sharing :) Just rank your site a couple of months in advance, and on the big day, you will earn thousands. Ingenius.

Thank you for that input.

(2013-05-28, 12:59 PM)Ignore Wrote: You can only earn from it on 1day :s

Just as I've said. It will only work on the time being that the niche is hot but the return is greatly huge and will help your earnings.
2013-05-28, 01:05 PM,
How much did you make off this blog?
2013-05-28, 01:09 PM, (This post was last modified: 2013-05-28, 01:09 PM by StewieGriffin.)
(2013-05-28, 01:05 PM)Razer12 Wrote: How much did you make off this blog?

Couple of hundreds. Not to mention I didn't spend a penny in making it.
2013-05-28, 01:26 PM,
Damn, that's smart like a mofo. The hidden YouTube player is HUGE man. I like to think outside the box, but this is just brilliant.
2013-05-28, 01:38 PM,
(2013-05-28, 01:26 PM)Gedeon Wrote: Damn, that's smart like a mofo. The hidden YouTube player is HUGE man. I like to think outside the box, but this is just brilliant.

Appreciate it. More tutorials coming soon. :)
2013-05-28, 04:42 PM,
I tried this and it did worked earned few dollars but did not continue with that

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