(͡๏̮͡๏)A little Nugget to Grow from.....
2013-08-22, 09:39 AM, (This post was last modified: 2013-08-22, 09:45 AM by SwiffJustus.)
To My New CpaElites Fam I Just Thought I'd Share a Nugget With You.

I know recently some of you may have read an article
or blog post Claiming Affiliate Marketing or CPA Marketing is on the Decline
Nobody wants to do Surveys ,People are tired of the Surveys....
Well It's TRUE...in a way People are tired of thinking something is Free
only to have that Locker with Offers Pop up..Even Me.

So what does that Mean ? You have to change the Game Up...
Time to Bring Psychology,Social Science and Triggers To the Table..
i.e.--- The Study Of Human Behavior And Response...

Yes , Folks are tired of being forced/asked to do a survey for something,
It Has to be something they Reallly Reallly Want and can't find somewhere else for free.
BUT They will do a survey if they think It's the final Process of something They've Earned.

You have a Site with Triva Questions (Easy Ones)...
They Guess them all Right ( Ego rush cranks up)..
There PRIZE> a 500 Gift card Or Whatever...

Then You Say:

"Just fill out the Form to Receive it Or do Nothing and
We'll Donate It to Charity "

And They'll respond:

(" Oh Hell no you want Give My money to no Charity
Let me Fill Out This form and Get My Card")

See Folks hate to Think you're gonna Give
what's Ritefully There's to someone Else.

KInda turning it Inside Out Ya know..Instead of

"Do these Survey's and Get a Prize(Card) or Coins Or whatever"

Change it to

"Dam You're Smart here's you're Prize"..

See Folks are Hearing from Others that the shit they're doing surveys for
can Be obtained for free, which makes them Feel stupid or Used.
So We Have to Bolster these Babies egos Back Up-lol

That Do these Survey's and Get/Earn a Prize shit<(Without any creativity)
is About to Die A vicious Death...
With a Few exceptions. Like The Gaming Industry....
But we'll Save that For another Day
Got Some Monster shit Brewing for That Niche.

So No, The Market Is Not Dead but it I Has Shown up
One to many Times To the Ball With The same Gawdy Tux...
Folks Can Recognize It a Mile a Way.
So now It's Time to Show up Dressed Like a Chaperon
and Make these Folks feel Uneasy Upon approach
and Thankful when you Let them Through.

Get It.? lol
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boydsmith(2013-12-27 07:47 PM) punkHD(2013-10-06 10:57 PM) LFX(2013-08-22 11:14 AM) Repun(2013-08-22 09:49 AM) Mesina(2013-08-22 09:46 AM) 
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2013-08-22, 09:47 AM,
Hello OP,

This post is very helpful I can make use of this myself! Very HQ!

I really like the idea of making their ego chase the surveys and the best part was the "giving it to charity" part lol!

Best Regards,
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SwiffJustus(2013-08-22 09:55 AM) 

[Image: 2m7x0so.gif]
2013-08-22, 09:49 AM,
Nice share! Will definately try this on my next niche lol.
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SwiffJustus(2013-08-22 09:55 AM) 

[Image: 30l2a7s.png]
2013-08-22, 09:55 AM,
Thanks for the kind words guys...Yes the charity bit
with a few twist and additions has been very effective -lol

Especially if you mention one that has shown to not
be very popular within a given Niche- lol
2013-08-22, 09:58 AM,
This is an awesome point, very good insight into the human mind. Will have to take this into play in the future - thanks!
2013-10-06, 10:04 PM,
very good way to start the day reading thins. I needed to hear that. Thx for the share
2013-10-11, 09:51 PM,
No thank YouGrin...It's always wonderful to know someone was helped or encouraged in some way by my often times gibberish postings -lol...Thanks my friend

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