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Keep up to date with the latest announcements. Learn about all the exciting changes that are made on the forum such as new plugins, features, competitions and more.
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Cool New Edition To CPA E...
Yesterday 08:29 PM
by ϟ★Hawk Eye★ϟ
Forum Contains New Posts Elites Follow Along Contests
Each month you can win prizes for posting the best follow along campaign. It does not matter if you're a newbie earning $1 a month, or if you want to bank 10k a month because these contests are for you. This section is to be used only for reading about the latest contests, all entries are to posted inside the main (Follow Along Campaigns & Bragging) section.
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[May] Follow Along Contes...
05-01-2015 06:21 PM
by ϟ★Hawk Eye★ϟ

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Forum Contains New Posts Main CPA Discussions & Elites Helpdesk
To be used for general CPA discussions involving an affiliate internet marketing model known as CPA (Cost Per Action). Including the helpdesk where newcomers to the CPA industry may kindly ask for help regarding simple and generic questions.
13,854 threads
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Today 10:56 AM
by jakegranda
Forum Contains New Posts Follow Along Campaigns & Bragging
Create a follow along campaign and get help from legend earners, post your journey no matter what the traffic source or niche. Or perhaps just brag about your earnings. We have watched newbies turn into Legendary earners in this section, get inspired.
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Update #6: Eye's Follow A...
Today 11:07 AM
by ZackY29
Forum Contains New Posts Tutorials, Downloads & Niches
Share niches, downloads and tutorials. If you have something to share go ahead and post it, remember to follow the rules and always provide virus scans where needed.
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Spam your Clash of Clans ...
Today 09:36 AM
by IndeXer
Forum Contains New Posts Network Reviews
Review and discuss all networks in this forum. No referral links in this forum. This forum is moderated, meaning your threads won't be public until being moderated. Do not submit a thread twice.
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AstroCash.org - Minimum P...
Today 07:25 AM
by AstroCash

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Forum Contains New Posts Adult, PPV, PPC, Media Buying, Mobile etc.
Traffic is king. Discuss any traffic from paid to free sources such as Adult, PPV, Mobile, PPC, Reddit and anything else you find. Having niches is one thing but knowing the best traffic sources to monetize them is something else. Share or learn new methods inside this section.
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415 Free Traffic Sources
Today 03:01 AM
by massplanner

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Forum Contains New Posts Whitehat & Blackhat SEO
SEO (search engine optimization) is the art of ranking websites. Discuss SEO methods and tools in this forum. Learn how to stay ranked on the search engines. Top ranked websites help turn newbies into legend earners, taking the time to learn SEO is a very worthwhile achievement in the CPA industry.
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The best SPAM services ?
Today 08:57 AM
by bormancash
Forum Contains New Posts Social Media - YouTube, Facebook, etc.
YouTube, Facebook, and other social media services are a gold mine for internet marketers. Share and discuss different techniques, tools, and methods in this forum. Help others with advanced social media-related questions and help yourself with the vast trove of knowledge within. Get your niche viral and bank hard.
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[GET](TIP)Boost your Yout...
Today 05:18 AM
by TheBreakingWolf
Forum Contains New Posts Webmaster, Graphics And Programming
Discuss programming languages and other programming related topics. Including technologies such as CMS, WordPress, Blogger, web page design, and other topics such as graphics.
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Top 14 Free Must-Have Wor...
Today 03:05 AM
by massplanner

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Forum Contains New Posts CPA Legends Discussions
Exclusive CPA Legends lounge. VIP access only.
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Need help with FB ads
Today 10:28 AM
by Liverpool F.C
Forum Contains New Posts Legends Niches & Freebies
Legend earners HQ converting niches and freebies, mostly keyword researched and ready to rank awesome converting niches that offer easy to rank keywords, including saturated niches that can be broken down into seeds to rank fast. VIP access only.
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[GET] Video Motion Pro - ...
Today 08:32 AM
by zer0
Forum Contains New Posts Legends Bank Hard Secret Methods
Inside this section you will find both HawkEye's and VIP Legends personal advanced tutorials. VIP Legends will be awarded the (Legends Secret Contributor) award if their guides are good enough to be added in here. VIP access only.
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Reach MUCH more fans with...
05-19-2015 09:08 AM
by Eye

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Forum Contains New Posts Elites Lounge
Chill out, relax and meet like minded people. This forum is the island of misfit posts; anything that does not have a relevant forum belongs here. Take some time out and grab a coffee, everyone deserves a break.
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Anyone here seen a UFO?
Today 09:08 AM
by Thor

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Forum Contains New Posts Elites Premium Services & Products
Sell your services and products to thousands of active users. Only upgraded members may sell in this forum. Threads are moderated before approval.
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Rank your video to the fi...
Today 10:26 AM
by Scurzo
Forum Contains New Posts Elites Shopping Deals
Amazing deals can be shared in here. You will find both online and offline discounts and coupons inside this area. No referral links are allowed. Threads are moderated before approval.
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$1.95 Domain Sale - Last ...
05-23-2015 03:00 AM
by ManagerRage
Forum Contains New Posts Deal Disputes & Marketplace Complaints
You must follow the section rules before making any accusations in here; the rules can be found inside at the top.
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55 threads
817 posts
05-04-2015 04:36 PM
by ϟ★Hawk Eye★ϟ

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Forum Contains New Posts Group Applications
Here you will see threads created by group owners, with applications inviting to groups.
6 threads
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The Official MaxBounty Gr...
Yesterday 12:41 AM
by amirov137
Forum Contains New Posts CPA Elites Private Groups
This section is for private groups owned by CPA networks. Users can be invited into the groups, or they can request to join them, members can only read application threads in this section, all other threads are hidden via the private group sections.
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Forum Contains New Posts CPA Elites VIP Discussions
General discussions for VIP members that are not related to CPA. VIP access only.
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[VIP Elites] New (Trendin...
Today 09:37 AM
by IndeXer
Forum Contains New Posts VIP Niches and Giveaways
Top earners ready to rank VIP niches, including HQ private giveaways can be found inside this section. VIP access only.
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How to get 25k visitors/m...
Today 09:38 AM
by drkwrld8o9
Forum Contains New Posts VIP Elites Best Kept Secrets
VIP Elites can gain an award for posting HQ guides inside this section, every thread is moderated for approval by HawkEye himself who also shares content in here. VIP access only.
29 threads
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How To Find PPV Niches An...
03-05-2015 01:38 AM
by ϟ★Hawk Eye★ϟ

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Forum Contains New Posts Elites Monthly Newsletters
Collection of old and new Elites monthly newsletters that get sent out via mas Pm each month.
9 threads
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YouTube is adding 15 new ...
05-10-2015 09:55 AM
by sumonbd
Forum Contains New Posts Official Interviews
Read interviews with Staff, Gurus, Top Earners in this section. Learn about other peoples story's in this section.
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Advidi Network Interview
04-17-2015 01:37 AM
by RushingWind
Forum Contains New Posts Elites Monthly Podcasts
Missed the latest news, nevermind, you will be kept up to date now with our monthly CPA Elites podcast. You will hear first hand about the most popular journeys, bragging and forum news.
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CPA Elites #6 April 2015 ...
04-28-2015 04:57 PM
by ϟ★Hawk Eye★ϟ

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Forum Contains New Posts Elites Introductions
Introduce yourself to the community and let everyone know who you are and where you're from. Make your first post here.
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New here
Today 09:55 AM
by DeathGun
Forum Contains New Posts Suggestions
Post and suggest any ideas you may have that can help improve the overall quality of the forum. Please note - Read the sticky thread inside this section as we do have a certain criteria, and already denied suggestions.
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Add a report option for "...
05-09-2015 08:51 PM
by ϟ★Hawk Eye★ϟ

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Forum Contains New Posts Report A Forum Bug
Report any bugs you find in this section, all threads are first held for moderation and you will be sent a PM regarding the matter. All threads are hidden for security reasons.
4 threads
12 posts
User Bug
05-06-2015 11:06 PM
by ϟ★Hawk Eye★ϟ

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